what are some big words that you can substitute for small words to make you sound smarter?

for example, humongous is just a big word for big. what are some others?

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    Here are some favorites...

    cumbersome: moving slowly

    nullify: to make of no value

    sanguineous: bloody

    grandiloquence: extravagent style

    quintessence: the most typical example

    gossamer: light, delicate

    transpontine: situated at the farther side of a bridge

    prevail: to ascend through superiority

    exquisite: satisfying because of fineness

    elusive: momentary, passing

    resplendent: shining brilliantly

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    I hope this helped!

    Source(s): Merriam Webster Online
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    Rather than just trying to use big words to try to sound smarter, why not just study them and truly become that way. There are vocabulary building books available. Also there are on-line dictionaries, such as dictionary.com, which will send a new word to your computer every day for you to study and learn. Readers Digest's vocabulary quiz is an excellent idea. Just don't buy the rest of their dribble, because they are extremely right wing in their slant on the political and social issues of the day.

    What you are suggesting is how we wind up with morons of the ilk of George Bush. Their reach is far beyond their ability to grasp. The way that Poor George mangles the English language suggests that, try as he may, he is still basically a country bumpkin, because he put the acquisition of power and wealth above the acquisition of true knowledge and understanding.

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    That depends on the small words

    Eat - Ingurgitate

    Go - Withdraw

    Like (as in something is like something else) - Analogous

    Fear - Circumspection

    Try using an online thesaurus to help

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    humongous was only recently created and is thus slang. if you want to expand your vocabulary, try reading more. Reader's Digest has a vocabulary quiz in each issue you can use to learn.

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    "Humongous" won't make you sound smarter. Try herculean, behemoth, Brobdingnagian, titanic. . .

    Seriously, if you genuinely want to increase your vocabulary, read more, and harder, books. Otherwise, just relax and relate, don't try to impress. You're fine!

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    lmao XD

    got to http://rhymezone.com/

    type in the word and search 'find related words'

    its an easy way to substitute small words into bigger words to make you sound smarter.


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    um i don't think humongous is that smart sounding but try these... employ( to use) alleviate( ease or lessen) use a thesaurus to find these words

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