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Andrea asked in Politics & GovernmentElections · 1 decade ago

Can anyone tell me the difference between communism and Obama's health care plan?


What makes this country great is it's free market. And when people start trying to regulate a free market, next step communism. We need health care reform, not socialization. Last time I checked this was still the best country in the world. If you don't like it move to china. Did you know people in countries with socialized medicine have to wait months, sometimes years to get the operations they need, in this country they can get the next day.

Update 2:

child education is not free, why do you think you're property taxes are so high. You pay for the education in you're district. Even if you don't have kids, you still pay for everyone elses. Just like health care, you pay for everyone, when you pay you're bill

Update 3:

If you compare Obama's health care plan to education,he's saying their will no longer be public schools, but we will make it affordable for everyone to go to private school, by reguating how the school does business. Who in their right mind would want to open one of these schools, and lose money.That's where the free market comes into play. We need to fix the problem from the inside out. Keep the(greedy) politicians, and lobbyist out. If they stop taking kick backs, then maybe we have a chance at health care reform.

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    I am not sure about communism, but I don't like his plan.........

    Not only I am going to pay for my own insurance, I will have to pay to insure everyone also.

    With MY TAX DOLLARS.....

    Government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them......

  • Anonymous
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    We already have socialized medicine in this country. For the poor, the indigent, the elderly and children under the age of 18. Providing affordable health care to all Americans is one clear example of where the free markets have failed.

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    "Did you know people in countries with socialized medicine have to wait months, sometimes years to get the operations they need?"

    Do you know in America you have to wait months and years for transplant operations? Do you realize the Euro is more than 1 and half times stronger than the dollar and most countries there have socialized medicine? Canadian dollar and Australian dollar are worth more than the United States dollar. Yes in these countries health care wait is about the same time even though it is socialized medicine.

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    Obama's health care plan would not take away people's private insurance; they'd still have that choice. But for uninsured Americans, now they go to the ER when there's a medical crisis, then the hospital sends them a bill (My friend was charged $30,000 for 3 days in the hospital with a staff infection!!!). They usually can't/don't pay the bill, so the bill eventually falls on taxpayers (hospitals write it off as a loss) or it leads to higher costs for everyone. Obama's plan would provide the same insurance available to congress to the uninsured, so they'd be covered, hospitals would be paid a reasonable rate (not $10,000 a day for nothing,) and all the rest of us with our employer provided/privately purchased insurance would go on about our business. I don't understand how you see that has anything in common with communism, where the government owns and controls all businesses, and tells everyone what to study and where to work. All of Europe has national healthcare and they're not communist, so you must be listening to some right wing fearmongers ranting against healthcare for the poor.

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  • wooper
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    1 decade ago

    Keep up the rhetoric. You are actually helping the cause of Obama with your constant mindless attacks. The undecided voters are getting sick of the pointless attacks.

    As Bob Dylan wrote:

    "I wish for just one moment you would stand inside my shoes

    Then you would know what a drag it is to see you."

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    Communism involves the nationalization of the means of production and centralized planning of the economy. Obama's health care plan does not.

    Why don't you actually read what he is really proposing.

    I have never understood why conservatives are so opposed to us having global best practice health care and education, why they always feel a need to undermine any attempt to make things better. Wouldn't they want a healthier, better educated work force to exploit?

    Source(s): Regulation is not a step toward communism - it is based on an entirely different school of thought. Communism comes from Marx. Obama is pure Keynsian. he recognizes the reality that there is such a thing as market failures (ie free markets producing inefficient results) and that they need to be addressed. This has been the very nature of the US economy for decades. You want to see the result of pure free market economy - look at Dickensian England. "Did you know people in countries with socialized medicine have to wait months, sometimes years to get the operations they need" - this is the usual scare tactic but of course has no basis in fact. All elective surgery whether private or public will be postponed in any system for emergency care. The real facts are The US has the lowest life expectancy in the developed world (equal with Portugal). The US has the second lowest healthy life expectancy in the developed world (beating only South Korea) The US has the highest child mortality in the developed world. A child is more than twice as likely to die before the age of 5 in the USA than in Finland, Iceland, Italy, Monaco, Norway, Sweden, Japan or Singapore. So your wonderful "free market" system is killing us earlier and not keeping us healthy as long. And for this we pay twice per capita what the rest of the developed world does. Those are the real facts - your free market (read laissez faire) system is a miserable failure. Time for something new. And McCain's plan of giving hundreds of millions more dollars a year to the same companies that deny us treatment and provide the worst health care in the developed world is NOT the solution.
  • Andrea if he can't I certainly can't. He is a leaning so far left

    socialist that he is starting to breathe on being a communist.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    so I guess the child education system is communism because it is free for EVERYONE? Why can't those little b*stards pay like every one else in america!*sarcasm*

    You know what you and Hitler have in common?

    You both hate communism!

    *Hitler was a dictator that hated communism, if you don't believe me then go look in the history books. Why do you think he hated russia? He hated communist so he tried to backstab russia but Russia beat the s*** out of the Nazis!*

    Source(s): Obama 08
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    Well, considering he wants to work through the existing health insurance companies, I'd say everything.

    You're not one of those housewives that cannot tell the difference between Whizzo Butter and a dead crab, are you?

  • I saw obama with aleyens tru storie! I thinc he get wierd ideyas frm silicoln based aleyens! I am sereyus!

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