i want some informations about barry gibb in beegees plz?

plz tell me any thing about his life

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    Information from Wikipedia

    Barry Alan Crompton Gibb CBE (born 1 September 1946) is a singer, songwriter and producer. He was born in Douglas, Isle of Man, to English parents. With his brothers Robin and Maurice, he formed the Bee Gees, one of the most successful pop groups of all time. The trio got their start in Australia, and found their major success when they returned to England. He is known for his high-pitched falsetto singing vBarry Gibb married a former "Miss Edinburgh (Scotland)" Linda Gray on September 1, 1970, choosing Barry's birthdate "so he wouldn't forget [their] anniversary" according to Linda from a 1979 biography of the BeeGees. At that time they lived in Abbey House, a mansion block in London near the Abbey Road crossing made famous by The Beatles. They have 5 children: Stephen (1973), Ashley (1977), Travis (1981), Michael (1984), and Alexandra (1991). He has four grandchildren: Nina and Angus Levas Gibb (Stephen's children), Lucas John Crompton Gibb (Ashley's child) and Damien Michael Crompton Gibb (Michael's child).

    In January 2006 Gibb purchased the former home of country legends Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash in Hendersonville, Tennessee, intending to restore it and turn it into a songwriting retreat. [1] This house was destroyed by fire on April 10, 2007.[2]

    Gibb resides in Miami Beach and Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

    [edit] Discography

    [edit] Albums

    1984: Now Voyager

    1988: Hawks (Soundtrack)

    2006: The Eaten Alive Demos

    2006: The Guilty Demos

    2006: The Heartbreaker Demos

    2006: The Eyes That See in the Dark Demos

    [edit] Singles

    1969: "I'll Kiss Your Memory"

    1978: "A Day in the Life"

    1984: "Shine Shine"

    1984: "Fine Line"

    1988: "Childhood Days"

    2006: "Dr. Mann"

    2006: "Underworld"

    2007: "Drown On the River"

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