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how to calculation the original concentration of Mg

An urine specimen (containing Mg) was diluted to 2L . And 10ml of aliquot was titrated with 27.32ml of 0.00396M EDTA.

Mg+ EDTA---> MgY



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    no. of mole of EDTA = (27.32/1000)x0.00396 = 1.08187X10^-5

    no. of mole of Mg2+ = 1.08187X10^-5

    no. of mole of Mg2+ in the 2L sample = 1.08187X10^-5 X (2000/10)

    = 2.13X10^-3

    Conc. = 2.13X10^-3 / 2 = 1.082X10^-3 M

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