What are the normal active temperature for an Intel Core 2 T7500 Duo CPU on my laptop?

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what temp should be while playing games and also what should be on the normal???MY LAPTOP CPU IS CORE 2 DUO T7500 2.2ghz soo any idea???
Update : So you mean if while playin games it goes over 90 degrees is fine???
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i can tell you now that the CPU you are running has a maximum temperature rating of 72.4 celcius, after this temperature, your computer will automatically shutdown immediately. this is a safety precaution from intel because having the temperature of your CPU above 65 celcius causes dammage to your CPU, i would not recommend anything above 59 celcius.

the way to fix this problem is to
1. get a much better CPU heatsink (nearly impossible with a notebook)
2. ensure proper flow of cool air through the case (nearly impossible with a notebook)
3. get rid of aero and minimise intensive useage (nearly impossible with a notebook)
4. swap out components that you can with energy efficient, low heat alternatives, battery, hard drive, CD drive
5. clean out the inside of the laptop for dust, maybe replace the fans with more efficient ones.


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  • grimrpr6942 answered 6 years ago
    the nominal or "normal" range for your CPU is 60-80 C' and the theoretical "redline" is 100C' according to intel
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  • Stephen R answered 6 years ago
    For each processor it is 70 to 80 degrees Celsius or 180 Fahrenheit
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  • Aaron answered 6 years ago
    it can vary based on cooling solution size of laptop and the level of activity that is placed on the cpu, unless you overclock it you really shouldent worry about the temp unless it feels way too hot or your laptop crashes after a few minutes of heavy activity CPU's can go up to 120 degrees c before the fuses blow.


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