What torrent sites are popular in Japan and are good for downloading manga in Japanese?

What's the most popular piracy options in Japan? Do the Japanese use the same torrent sites as us or where do they go?

I want to get manga in Japanese, but I don't know if it downloading manga is popular among Japanese speakers.

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    1 decade ago
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    There are many pay sites on web. It is illegal to download freely without copyright permission in Japan.




    Many kids and youngs tend to use cellphone to buy and read manga comics rather than PC now in Japan.

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    5 years ago

    Naruto is a fictional character called Naruto Uzamaki and is the main character in the anime show Naruto which is on toonami. it is about a young ninja who is comical and mischevius, he tries to become a real ninja by taking dangerous exams. the anime is very funny, action packed and is a manga series as well, it is a cross between rurouni kenshin, ninja movies, and slap stick comedy i highly recomend it. if you go to wikipedia and type in naruto then it will tell you the full part plus character and such! hope you enjoy it and watch it!

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    you can download it on www.stoptazmo.com or if you just wanna read it you can go to www.onemanga.com. for tazmo you need to make an account before downloading the manga.

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    Sorry I don't know the answer to the main question ( >,>) but if you just want to read manga in Japanese, can't you just search for "raw" scans? they're very easy to find

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    1 decade ago

    ....you should have post this in Japan section.....but I could suggest one.....bitcomet

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