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what happend on the smackdown tapings and what happend on ECW plz answer?

till now what happend on both shows

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    The show started with The Miz and John Morrison coming to the ring. Tazz said they've become frustrated with the lack of competition for their WWE tag titles. Miz cut a promo about Hollywood A-listers not coming through these parts very often. They proceeded to talk about hurricane devastation in a derogatory fashion, then talked over themselves before asking for some competition. Any competition. Hornswoggle's music interrupted, then out walked Finlay.

    M&M were perturbed by the disturbance, but Finlay said no one came here to listen to them talk. He said the fans came here to see them get their mouths shut. Morrison said Finlay doesn't know what people want because the only person he hangs out with is his troll son. Finlay started to walk to the ring while Hornswoggle slipped in behind the tag champs to super-soak them. Finlay then smashed Morrison with a Shillelagh shot to the gut before the champs retreated. Rinse and repeat.

    [Commercial Break. A local promo aired for Victory Road in Houston this Sunday. TNA has bought a significant amount of advertising on WWE TV the last month.]

    1 -- FINLAY (w/Hornswoggle) vs. THE MIZ (w/John Morrison)

    They returned from break with the action already in progress here. Finlay pulled off his traditional ring apron spot and landed blows on Miz. Morrison tried to run up to him, but Finlay stopped him short. The distraction then allowed Miz to punch him off the apron to the floor and ram him into the ringpost. Back in the ring, Miz continued his attack on Finlay's shoulder.


    Fans tried to rally behind Finlay at 7:00, but Miz kept working on the shoulder. Morrison tried to steal the shillelagh on the outside, but Hornswoggle provided distraction. After Miz tried to run-around with Hornswoggle in the ring, Finlay took advantage of the moment to catch Miz the Celtic Cross. He made the cover for the win.

    WINNER: Finlay in 10:00 of TV time. Fine singles match. Miz worked hard on the offensive before the standard kids-friendly finish featuring Hornswoggle. It would be nice to see the tag champs pick up a credible victory for once, but that's not the formula for feel-good WWE TV. (*1/4)

    Backstage: Teddy Long's assistant, Tiffany, and Teddy talked business, but Armando Estrada interrupted. Armando said he wants his job back. Suddenly, Chris Harris interrupted and Teddy introduced him as the newest ECW superstar. Harris, sporting a singlet wrestling outfit, provided a knock-knock joke. He said his name is Braden (sp?) Walker. Armando vs. TAFKA Chris Harris up later on the show.

    thats all for ECW so far. havent heard anything bout SD

    hope i helped....

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    Smackdown Taping's And Ecw Tapings Are At The Same Arena And Ecw Taping Goes First! When The Ecw Tapings Finished,They Will Start Smackdown Taping!

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    The only very important thing that happend on the sd tapings was that the wedding is back on and schedueld for next week

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