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Which golf shaft is better on a new Sumo 2 5900 driver?

I bought my new Sumo 2 5900 with a Proforce V2 stiff shaft but I was wondering if it is better than the diamana yellow board stiff shaft that comes standard with the driver?

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    What's really nice about this year's Nike drivers is the fact that they now offer free shaft upgrade from stock to V2 or VS Proto By You for Sumo 5000 and 5900.

    V2 promotes a hight ball flight whereas VS Proto By You keeps the ball on the lower side. Depending on your swing and your desired ball flight, you should grab these shaft upgrades before it's too late.

    Diamana makes some high quality shafts (blue board and white board), but the yellow board is not even close... very whippy and unpredictable.

    5900 + V2 sounds like a deadly (and rare) combination and it should have a high resale value should you decide to put it on eBay. I have a 5000 + VS Proto By You combo.... and couldn't be happier.

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    thinking about a different shaft after you have bought the driver is kinda like wanting to build a barn after the horses have gotten out. At this point what matters is whether you hit your new driver well.

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    that's a candy club. I used it in a condo set once I performed the Wailea Blue direction on Maui. The nike does bypass very a ways and immediately while you're making sturdy touch with the ball. It additionally has respectable ball flight that's neither too penetrating or too lofty. on the different hand, i could extremely advise demoing the club formerly you purchase it via fact the outsized shape of the motive force head could be extremely distracting formerly each and every thing and the sound of the force at result's extremely loud and undesirable. for my area i could advise the club via fact I very very nearly offered one once I decrease back homestead. the main serious element is attempting it out for your self to work out if it suits your pastime. goodluck

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    What works best for you is all that matters. If there was one shaft superior to all others, every player would use the same shaft.

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    Flex ratings are universal, but weight and flex points vary between makes and models. Ask a fitter which best matches your swing speed and trajectory.

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