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Are people brainwashed into joining the U.S. military by media and lower-middle class culture?

Update 2:

You make a valid point desert but I think you forget something. Don't politicians like the Roosevelt's join the military to increase their public value (votes)?

Update 3:

Anyone who wants their son to join at 18 years old is an idiot. Sorry.

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    Yes. They promise to make someone special out of some lower working class kid who would otherwise never amount to anything.

    Militaries have been notorious for manning their enlisted ranks with the underclass of society.

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    No. I'll cite but two examples. Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt Junior and Major James Roosevelt. The former was the son of President Theodore Roosevelt of Oyster Bay, New York. The latter was the executive officer of Carlson's Raiders in the Marine Corps in the Pacific, the son of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and came from Hyde Park, New York. Hardly what one would consider to be lower-middle class.

    The mainstream media has not exactly operated as a "recruiting trumpet" for many years in this country. Both they and the celebrity class would not have given the time of day to a member of the armed forces on September 10, 2001.

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    I take exception to some of you clowns assuming that those who join the Army are uneducated or lower class.

    I came from a family with a long line of proud VOLUNTEER service. When I joined the Army it was to continue that service, and to continue to travel around the world, learn a new skill, and broaden my horizons.

    20+ years later, with a BS and an MA, having lived in nearly a dozen other countries and deployed to multiple sandy environments, I am still well-read, well-spoken and upper middle class. My son will join at 18 as well - for the same reasons. Not for financial reasons, but because he recognizes that the military is still a great place to make your own way in this big old world.

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    I joined the armed forces to get funds for college and to serve my us of a. I come from a reliable domicile and can have went in the present day to college, yet i did not go with to burden my mothers and dads with the cost. I have been given to work out maximum of the international and nevertheless do as a member of the reserves. BTW. people do get promoted previous O-4; the optimal rank contained in the armed forces is O-10. there is no brainwashing to get people to connect the armed forces. in case you go with to examine why people connect the armed forces, the ideal way is to interview them; you are not getting the ideal examine from the internet. >If think of that the expenses of a school education are "airborne dirt and dirt low value" you probably did not might desire to pay for it your self. And in case you think approximately looking the internet and gazing television as examine, you have not achieved any college point examine. BTW. State universities might desire to settle for any physique who graduated from intense college in that state; that's the regulation, no count number how fairly ranked it quite is. the only acception is while there at the instant are not any room attainable for brand spanking new pupils.

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    No, we do it voluntarily. Who ever told you that Americans were brainwashed told a great untruth! The benefits out weigh the possibilities of civilian life. I retired after 21 years and am reaping the benefits now. My meds and health care are paid for my house mortgage is being paid. I can travel anywhere little or no cost. I still use the commissary and exchanges. I have the respect of my fellow service members and best of all, I have the freedoms that were paid for by my fellow service members who didn't return. There's been a member of my family in the service since 1917. 100 years is a long time to give freely for a country such as ours!

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    No, people join for a variety of reasons, the least of which is brainwashing. Anybody who chooses to join after playing Call of Duty or any other shooter probably wouldn't make it through basic anyway. I don't agree with your bashing of the military or people who choose to join but you have the right as an American to feel that way and you should be glad we VOLUNTEER to serve so YOU don't get DRAFTED if the military couldn't get enough volunteers.

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    For many people, the military is a way to get an education and see the world.

    For others it's all about the excitement and developing discipline and a skill.

    But, almost every one who joins feels the need to serve their country.

    It's a noble thing to do, especially in war time.

    Someone from my family has served in every war since the revolution.

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    Lower middle class? Our VOLUNTEER military services are some of the best educated young people in the entire world.

    Brainwashed? It is my opinion that the radicals at both ends of the conservative/liberal spectrum are the brainwashed individuals.

    Culture? At least those in the military services have culture! Instead of looking down their pseudo-educated & pseudo-intellectual noses as you apparently are doing, these young people in the military accomplish tasks that allow you to wallow.

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    That is an insult to all the military members , and especially to those with their boots in the sand, to think they are so ignorant to know know their own minds, to not know who they are and what they want, if they are that dim witted, i hope that they dont even make it in the military, and lets be honest, wickipedia, is a reader controlled web page, you can go there and submit anything and probably get it posted, so dont put any store in that, You want to know what the military thinks then take your bum to the local Marine Base, or Army Base,a nd talk to the troops, see how they feel. that is the only way to know for sure. good luck

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    thts not true at all they join the millitary to defend our freedom and our country and ur just one of those people with ur anti war t shirts u know there fightin for ur right even to where tht n u know anyone in the millitary? i hope none ofur family or friends join so u never half to feel the pain of possibly never seein ur friend or love one agin hopefully i made u think about wht u said n u should post a apolgie to every one

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    If you consider having people like Olberman and Blitzer host Congressmen who spread calumny about US soldiers as encouragement, then yeah, could be something to it

    Source(s): (leave it to the progressive mind to divide with class, race and gender)
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