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apple government discount?

so, I have heard that government employees get a 15% discount at apple. I was wondering if this is true and how it works and if you can do it in a store. If you have done it before or know about it or someone who did could you please tell me about it. My Mom is a lawyer for the ny state government.

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    I don't know about an "across-the-board" 15% discount on all Apple products for government employees, but I know it does apply to the iPhone. Here's how I know: I have my cell phone service with AT&T. They sell iPhones. I work for a municipality and got a discount through AT&T on my iPhone AND 15% off my cell phone service. I just had to show them my current pay stub. So, I guess, technically, the discount is through AT&T - not Apple. But that's a good question. I'm emailing my son now who works at an Apple store in Dallas. I'll edit this answer to let you know what I hear back from him.

    My son said they do all the bidding on larger accounts, including the government accounts, in the Apple offices, whereas he works in the retail center. He said they often discount larger purchases even to corporations other than government. So if you're looking for an individual government employee discount, I'd have your Mom show her government ID and try for it anyway. Couldn't hurt!

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    apple government discount

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