How do i test a motherboard to see if it is faulty?

I had a pc that the power supply was faulty (i think) iut wouild turn on once than not turn on if i restarted or did a cold boot. I replaced the power supply with a atx. the original was a mini atx power supply. When i put the cd drives in i pushed on the power supply and now it wont turn on at all. I have 4 power supplies to test it with. I have a dianogistic power sully tester and it says two of them are good. so im wondering if it is the motherboard.

Can anyone tell me how to test the motherboard or give me suggestions on how to fix it?

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    The most common method for testing motherboards is via a speaker, it plugs in right next to your power switch, reset switch, power led connections on your motherboard. (see

    If a motherboard is turning on but has errors, you'll hear a beep code. You can then relate that beep code to a chart that will tell you the problem. (see source)

    Some motherboards have an LCD built in on them that will display an error code.

    One thing to test is to see if your northbridge fan turns on with a good power supply connected. If you are using a good PSU and the northbridge fan does not turn on, it's the motherboard.

    If the fan DOES turn on, check your CPU & RAM next to make sure they are properly seated on the motherboard. Also try the speaker approach to see if you can get an error code to further diagnosis.

    If your motherboard is still under warranty, you can also try calling tech support.


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    Is it a new build ? If not, then it is likely the motherboard.

    If it is a new build, contact tech support for the motherboard you have just put in.

    They can surely help you better there. BTW, if it is a new built, then check your wiring to the front panel, drams and the cpu installations.

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