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Boy Problems?

My name is Joi and have a problem.I sighed up for a summer program at my school and at that camp their is a boy named Cody that gos their to and i like him and i think he likes me back but there are two problems:

1. I'm 13 and he is 12

2. I'm black and he is Irish

(the problem with race is that I'm scared his family will be weird about it)

PLZ help

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    My boyfriend is a year and a half younger than me and I still act more immature than him sometimes. Who cares? =)

    Ask him casually if his family is racist at all. No offense, but since you're so young, his parents probably won't be taking it too seriously just unless they don't like any black people in general, you should be okay. And there aren't many people like that anymore, anyway.

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    God Bless You

    We are all God's Children

    Red, White, Yellow, Brown, Black

    God wants us to love each other

    Its up to your generation

    Do It!

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    you shouldn't be scared about his family its the guy you are dating not his family. if they don't like you because you are black then they are retarded! and they age doesn't really matter if you both get along and all.

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    Age and race don't really matter if you really like someone!

    Obviously you like him for who he is, and if his parents are weird about it... forget them! They don't matter and obviously aren't good people

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    i think race is your least problem...

    and if you like him that much who cares about your age?

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    go for it... my gf is older than me and im black and she puerto rican... she 18 and im 16

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    it doesnt matter how old your are or what your race is , you should like him for who he is *ask him out * :) good luckk

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