Anyone know of a good deal on a Cruise to Mexico departing from New Orleans for senior trip?

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    Everyone is giving you good suggestions..the only one I have is remember that you have someone 21 or in some cases 25 in your room with you, unless it's a school group then the cruise will require a certain number of Chaperons per number of students.

    You will not be able to travel alone

    Also, make sure you know the travel document policy for the cruise and time you are traveling. If you need passports they can take 3 or 4 months to get.

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    Check out and They do not usually include airfaire, so beware of this when you make your reservations. Most of the cruises from New Orleans go to Cozumel Mexico only for a four day cruise. If you choose a longer (more expensive) cruise, you will likely sail to some islands that are not part of Mexico.

    This cruise is just $269/person for an inside room. I've stayed in both, and I don't think the oceanview rooms are really worth it. You are barely in your room anyway and the window is TEENY. Also, most cruiselines upgrade your room if there are still nicer rooms available at the time of departure.

    Remember, you now must have a valid US passport to cruise to Mexico.

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    Go to You can search by the departing port and the dates you are interested in. It will show you the best prices available for all the cruise lines.

    Sounds like a good time!!

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    check out the are really good with cruises. Sometimes you save about 70% when you go there instead of going to the cruise liner sites.

    Have fun!

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    Go see a travel agent as there is alot of things that you realy need to know.. and a lot of varables in what you can do.. too much to try to do on line

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