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I'm trying to get McAfee anti-virus for my computer, but it says I need more memory to download it?

How could I increase my computer's memory so it suffices?

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    To speed up your computer and free up space and memory for free:

    Go to the Start Menu> Run

    Type in "appwiz.cpl"

    Uninstall whatever you don't need.

    Next, go to Start Menu> Run again and type in "msconfig".

    Go to the Startup Tab and uncheck everything you don't want to startup. If you want, you can uncheck everything, and your anti-virus will still restart itself when you log on.

    Now go to My Computer> Hard Drive> Documents and Settings> [USER NAME]> Local Settings> and delete everything inside the Temp Folder. (This is a hidden folder so you will needto have "show hidden files and folders" checked in Folder Options) All the files in this folder are just temporary files that your Internet stored that for certain websites.

    Then go to My Computer> Hard Drive> Windows> Prefetch and delete everything inside it. This folder is like an cache for programs and should be emptied about once a month.

    You could also try installing CCleaner, it will get rid of alot of temporary files on your computer. It also has a registry repair system, which is easily the best free one available on the Internet:

    Another option is to try defragmenting your computer.

    Go to the Start Menu and go to All Programs

    Go to Accessories and System Tools.

    Choose Disk Defragmenter and when it loads click defragment.

    Next, go to Device Manger (Start> RightClick My Computer> Properties> Hardware Tab> Device Manager) and update all drivers.

    Another thing I would say is to compress your files if you already haven't.

    Open My Computer and right click on your hard drive

    Check the Compress Drive button and let it do it's thing.

    Finally, make sure your Hard Drive doesn't have any bad sectors. Go to My Computer> Right Click Hard Drive> Properties> Tools Tab> Check Now> Check both boxes and Start. It will ask you to reboot, so reboot. This will clear out any bad sectors on your Hard Drive.

    These are short-term solutions however. the easiest way is to just upgrade the RAM on your system, but at least the ways above are free.

    BUT, I wouldn't recommend McAfee. When I had it it slowed everything down, and folders/internet explorer took alot longer to open up with McAfee on.

    A very good, free AV available to download is AVG 8 Anti-virus:

    And for any spyware problems, get SpyBot - Search and Destroy:

    Both are free, as powerful as paid programs, like Norton and McAfee, and don't use up as many resources.

    Just boot into Safe Mode (Press F8 when turning on the computer) and run full scans.

    Good Luck.

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    get a new hard disc -

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