Help!! Plant killing insects.?

Can someone help me identify these little insects that i believe are killing my plants in the backgarden. They are very small and their are bunches of them attatched to the branches next to the leaves.

They are lilac in colour with a little white on them too. have tried to soak the plant in water to blast them away but they have simply returned.

Any help on how to get rid of them or indeed should i?


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    1 decade ago
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    They produce a honeydew secretion that would stop you washing them off with just water.

    Try spraying them with your used washing up water, the film formed by the washing up liquid suffocates them.

    Most proprietary pesticides will take care of them, but read the instructions before use.

  • 3 years ago

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    Powder the bushes.............get them a little damp first and give them the power could also put something on the ground.....out at least 15 inches from the plants........this will aid in any unwanted guest climbing up and down......enjoy

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