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African clawed frog fasting before shedding skin?

I acquired a female albino ACF last week. She is about two years old and is quite large. She is lethargic for some reason and a couple days ago stopped eating. I would hang food in front of her face and she would wipe it away with her hands. Today she shed her skin. Do any other ACF owners out there know if she was fasting for the shed or if something else is going on? My other 2 female ACFs in the same tank are doing just fine and eating like little green piggies. I'm worried about her! Please help!


Ok, she is becoming less lethargic after her shed today!

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    This is normal for a african clawed frog as well as other frogs so dont worry. While in the shedding proscess they may not eat or wont want to be disturbed. So Give it a little while and try and offer food everyday.

    Hope I Helped.

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