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An old Tom Hanks movie.??

What was the movie with Tom Hanks, and David Moscow, (around 1985) where Tom, as a boy, turned into a man after making a wish at a Fortune Teller box (Zoltar?)

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    After being humiliated while trying to impress an older teenage girl at a carnival, Josh Baskin (David Moscow) goes to a wish/fortune-telling machine (called Zoltar Speaks) and wishes that he were "big". The next morning, he sees a face in the mirror he does not recognize. Overnight, he has become a 30-year-old man (Tom Hanks).

    Josh, after having a cycle around town as an adult, reluctantly decides to show his mother his new look. As soon as he enters his house and tries to explain, his mother sees him and runs and screams around her own home. Josh's mom then brandishes a steak knife at Josh, unaware that what appears to be a menacing intruder is really her son. Eventually, screaming blood-curdlingly, she drives the now 30-year-old out of her house, and then finding Josh gone believes he has been kidnapped. In desperation, Josh corners his 13-year-old best friend, Billy Kopecki (Jared Rushton), and convinces him of his true identity (by singing a secret song only they know). With Billy's help, Josh rents a cheap room in Manhattan and gets a lowly data-entry job at the MacMillan Toy Company.

    In a memorable scene, he meets the company's owner, MacMillan (Robert Loggia), checking out the products at the FAO Schwarz toy store, and impresses him with his childlike enthusiasm. They end up playing a duet together on a giant foot-operated electronic keyboard, performing Chopsticks and Heart and Soul. This earns Josh a promotion to a dream job for a kid: testing toys all day long and getting paid for it. With his insight into what sells to children, he quickly rises up the corporate ranks.

    He soon attracts the attention of the beautiful, ambitious Susan Lawrence (Elizabeth Perkins), a fellow toy executive. A romance begins to develop, much to the annoyance of her current boyfriend, Paul (John Heard). In time, Josh sees his friendship with Billy start to fade as his relationship with Susan begins to grow, and he is faced with a choice: return to his old life with his family and friends or remain an adult with Susan. Ultimately, he decides to return to his normal life and seeks out the Zoltar machine, wishing himself back to childhood. Susan catches up to Josh right after he makes his wish. He tries to convince her to join him, but she isn't willing to relive her adolescence again. Susan drives Josh home. They part, with a hint that they may meet later, when he has grown up.

    It is widely rumored[1] that a different ending was used in test screenings, in which Josh is in class, and a "new girl in school" is brought into the classroom. Her resemblance to Susan and a shot of Josh's reaction imply that this is Susan, having also become young by using the Zoltar machine.

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    I actually think that maybe you are remembering the John Travolta movie "Phenomenon". He got hit by some star like thing, became weirdly smart, broke a mirror without touching it, died at the end.

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    Source(s): a really good film
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    Big! I love that movie.

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    Big....he and this other guy play heart and soul on the floor mat piano

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    BIG. i love that movie. I just watched it on friday with my kids.

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    "Big." Great movie. It's now a musical, too.

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    Big. That movie is awesome!!

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