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I'm a Jamaican student and I want to study either Physical Therapy or Pharmacy in college in the US?

What are the requirements for a Jamaican student to study either Physical Therapy or Pharmacy in the US?

First, what are the basic requirements to get into college over there to work towards your bachelor's degree?

In Jamaica we are graded by CSEC and A-level exams (CXC). So how is that monitored in the US? I know I'd have to do SATs.

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    Both of those degrees are graduate level degrees. For pharmacy, many of the colleges do not accept international students.

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    you will desire a severe college degree or the equilavent in jamaica. Your severe college degree could be transfered to united states of america. i could recommend going to a community college first in the country. this could prepare you for undergraduate training for any substantial in the country.

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