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NHL Entry Level Contracts?

What is a entry level contract in NHL, and how much is the players salary?

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    It's a 3 year contract available to players 21 and under (mandatory is more like it). Players who are 22 and 23 (and have never played an NHL game before) have a 2 yr entry level contract, and players who are 24 only have a 1 yr contract.

    The contract is predefined with a maximum salary (it increases annually as part of the CBA), and maximum incentives. This year that value is set at $875.

    More information (and scenarions) can be found on page 23 and page 224 of the current CBA

    RayeKaye, the average salary in the NHL is greater than the average salary of the NFL (approximately 61% greater) and less than 10% less than that of MLB players.

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    Entry Level Nhl Contract

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    Nhl Entry Level Contract

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    Players between the ages of 18 and 21 must sign "entry-level" contracts for their first three NHL seasons. Those aged 22-23 are entry-level players for two years, those aged 24 for a single year.

    An entry-level player can earn a maximum of $850,000 per year. The limit rises throughout the agreement, to $925,000 in 2011. Maximum entry-level salary in 2004 was $1.295 million.

    Signing bonuses are capped at 10 percent of the player's salary. Under the old deal, signing bonuses for entry-level players were capped at 50 percent of base salary.

    Performance bonuses can be earned at two levels. The first level covers individual benchmarks such as goals scored, goaltender wins, and so on. The maximum a player can earn at this level is believed to be around $850,000 per year. The second level is for much rarer achievements, like winning a major NHL award or ranking among the NHL's top players in a statistical catregory. The maximum a player can earn at this level is estimated at $2 million per year. Performance bonuses under the old agreement were subject to few limits.

    With some exceptions, performance bonuses are paid by the league and do not count against a team's salary cap. But they do count in calculating the league-wide share of player revenue.

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    The Ottawa Senators had the 15th draft pick in 1998 and they selected Mathieu Chouinard. There was a deadline for the contract and Chouinard decided to not accept it because it was not what he had expected. In the 2000 draft, the Senators had the 15th pick in the 2nd round because of that and they choose Chouinard again. He kind of had to accept the contract if he wanted to play in the NHL but he only played 3 minutes and it wasn't even with the Senators.

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    I don't have an answer for you, but I just wanted to say that NHL players are ALWAYS the lowest paid of all professional athletes. That being said, they still make more than most average people, and the potential is there to make much more for really good, solid players. Example: I'm sure Sidney Crosby, the youngster that he is, is doing quite well for himself.

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