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Did you know 10 years ago McCain was on TIME's list of 25 Most Influential Americans?



He wasn't on the cover. There are 3 million people in the United States, and TIME magazine felt that John McCain was one of the 25 most influential people in the whole country. That is the point.

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    Wow, that list reads like a list of has-beens:

    Kim Polese (Who?)

    Madeleine Albright (Um...)

    John McCain (Hello Again!)

    Richard Scaife (Who?)

    Paul Romer (Who?)

    Bonnie Campbell (Who?)

    Colin Powell (Whoops!)

    Robert Rubin (Um...)

    That's only 8 people... I guess you had to buy the magazine to find out the rest but from the cover it looks like Dilbert and Rosie O'Donnell also made the list.

    If John McCain is interested, I'm pretty sure most of these people are available for V.P.

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    Senator McCain has been contained in the senate for some years and as such has had time to do a superb form of issues to warrant being in one in each of those checklist. Obama is in basic terms a one termer contained in the senate and would not have the journey to be that influential. I particularly have study articles that he has been led with the help of different senators to make the ideas that he has with the intention to bypass so some distance as he has gotten. So quite he's using the different senators coat tails to get this some distance. while Senator McCain has existence long determination making contained in the senate and contained in the armed forces in his youthful years. that's why its sparkling who the ideal decision is to run our us of a. i might extremely go with a existence clever grandpa than a booksmart cousin. Booksmarts doesnt advise uncomplicated experience. McCain exhibits to have uncomplicated experience, Obama exhibits to have charm. I dont see Obama ever being on that checklist. in spite of if he makes president.

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    Senator McCain has been in the senate for many years and as such has had time to do a lot of things to warrant being on such a list. Obama is only a one termer in the senate and does not have the experience to be that influential. I have read articles that he has been led by other senators to make the decisions that he has in order to go as far as he has gotten. So basically he is riding the other senators coat tails to get this far. Whereas Senator McCain has life long decision making in the senate and in the military in his younger years. Which is why its clear who the best choice is to run our country. I would rather choose a life smart grandpa than a booksmart cousin. Booksmarts doesnt mean common sense. McCain shows to have common sense, Obama shows to have charm. I dont see Obama ever being on that list. Even if he makes president.

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    How has that helped him?

    He instead voted to send Americans to Iraq war for death?

    Does it not alarm you that such an experienced person could do such a stupid dangerous thing?

    If he has integrity and insight, should he not be resigning like Collin Powell?

    This old man is Demented(anger bursts), depressed(lack of insight), paranoid delusional(always thinking about war) and unfit to be president.

    He is just as confused as his policies.

    He wants small govt yet want to cut taxes for all?

    He says in a debate that America is better now than 7 yrs back.

    The other day, he says Americans are dieing the Iraq for oils reason.

    All these makes him a dangerous candidate.

    He had his moments but it is time to get all these old people clinging to power out of the white house.

    And God will do the change himself if you do not want to change.

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    Did you know in 2000 John McCain was on the prestigious list of primary losers, was Obama ever on such a list. John McCain will also be joining the list of general election losers.

    Source(s): << There are 3 million people in the United States >> ROFLMAO! Another child left behind. There are almost 3 million people in Chicago, there is over 300 million people in the US, not 3 million
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    He has always been a media darling because he's really a liberal. They've always thought him nearly the second coming. I didn't think it could happen, but he just got out liberalled this time around.

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    And being on the cover of a magazine makes one worthy of the presidency? Bin Laden has been on the cover of Time too. So what's your point?

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    Yes and more of this will come out over the next three months

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    Well you sure don't have to worry about Obama's Senate career getting him on that list- it's a little hard to influence something if you're busy riding on coat tails or voting present.

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    Yes he was a great American and a Senator since long ago

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