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Is dean thomas black or white in the harry potter books.?

i know that he is black in the movie but I can't remember if he is black in the books. haha why am i asking this? cuz we played charades last night and my friend was like " no its a black person" so i didn't guess dean thomas because I thought he was white, so Im just trying to prove that.

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    He is described as, "a Black boy even taller than Ron" in the books. Sorry. Your friend was right. :)

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    Harry Potter Dean Thomas

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    Dean Thomas Harry Potter

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    He is black. It says in the book when Harry is sitting at the gryfinndor table after he was sorted saying Dean Thomas a little black boy was made gryiffindor

    Hope I helped

    Source(s): Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone.
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    the only Black Slytherin i will think of of is Blaise Zabini He replaced right into a chum of Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson, he says he could by no potential fancy Ginny Weasly there is Angelina Johnson of Gryffindor.. 2 years above Harry Potter... Quidditch Captain (1995) is going to the yuletide Ball with Fred Weasly. Dean Thomas.. A fellow Gryffindor of Harry, in his 3 hundred and sixty 5 days... terrific buddy to Seamus Finnigan

  • He is Black, in the books and the movies.

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    Your friend is correct, he was identified as black in the first book. I don't think she ever specifically stated that he was black again in the rest of the series.

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    The movie follows the books.. So if he's black in the movie, it means that he's also black in the book

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    I watch or read everything...I love finding out new stuff.

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    While it's true that some t.v. programs are better at portraying and informing than books, catalogs in themselves are a getaway. I personally would take a book over t.v.

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