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Girlfriend aint got period since she got pregnant?

ok im kinda worryed here since my g/f got pregant and all she isn't been havein her period. do u think the baby is drinkn the blood?? she's 6 months pregnant.


I heard it might be because she likes mudkips.

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    maybe you arent old enough or mature enough to have children!

    Women dont have periods when they are pregnant! as the egg that was last released was fertilised with your sperm

    no more eggs are released now as her body knows she is pregnant

    her uterus is now home to baby, if she had a period that is the lining of the uterus coming away!

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    Girls don't have a period when they're pregnant. If she should start to bleed then there could be a problem and she needs to see a doctor as soon as possible. No, the baby isn't drinking the blood. Don't worry. Best of luck to you.

    Source(s): I'm a paramedic in Iraq
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    Get serious!! Some girls know they are pregnant when they miss their period.

    Through out the nine months they don't have periods.

    U r thinking too hard that your baby is a vampire?

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    If you're serious about this question you need to do some research on women's health... Women's periods are the body's process of getting rid of unfertilised eggs, once an egg is fertilised there is no need to get rid of it so you don't have a period.

    Simply put - you do not get your period during pregnancy.

    Source(s): I am a woman and 8 months pregnant.
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  • LMAO Thats Funny! Love the wording!

    I hope this is a joke!

    If not

    She is not suppose to have her cycle.

    The baby is not drinking the blood

    What really happens is the egg was fertilized and not released.

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    what i know is that when a girl gets pregnant their hormones will cancel all the periods until the baby is born, either that or the baby is a vampire

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    Pregnant women don't normally have a period

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    If you and your girlfriend dont know this then you shouldnt really be having a baby yet if you dont know how mother nature works.. Go back to school

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    wow you can go on oprah this is even better than the pregnant man!!! you have concieved a real vampire

    you ****

    get a life a go to teen section

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    i understand. dnt listnen to them. women dont have periods wen they are pregnant. theyare all taking the piss out of you. your gf is luky to have a bf lyk you. you care about her. but i would consider looking up on the internet about the female body just so you no for future references. but i understand youwer worried its ok

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