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    Hey, this is my first time to introduce myself in English, a little tense in the heart. I am 000, the English name is 000, but friend call nickname little ball of me, because hair of me cut like the little ball of cherry very much. I am 00 years old this year, born 00, I lived in 00, was one hills are green and waters are clear, fresh and peaceful good village . I grow in an ordinary family, there are granddads in the family, grandmother, mother, the uncle has a younger sister, because mother's expectation to us is very high, it is very strict to treat us, but so , let me have a correct behavior , an idea, become a good child who everybody praises. My hobby is to like listening to the music , reading, photograph. Music listened to usually is all some classical music, because it can let me relax mood , concentrate spirit, strengthen confidence. In addition, I like riding a bicycle too. I like the feeling of riding a bicycle among the fields very much , can be close to the nature, realizing the health that a lot of living beings can make one's own , I am regarded as a enjoyment very well. In classmates' eyes, I am their American pistachios, can often bring happiness to everybody . In addition, I, no matter what does it encounter difficult, can with is it face it to smile always, so I am an optimistic person. Hope everybody can think ' have me to be very kind '!

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    Hi, this is the first time I am introducing myself in English, and I am rather tensed. My name is 000 and my Christian name is 000 but my friends used to nicknamed me `small balls`. This is because my haircut resembles the size of a cherry.

    I am 000 years old and was born in 000. I live at 00, a quiet and picturesque

    breathtaking village surrounded by hills and lake.

    I am born into an ordinary family, with a grandfather, grandmother, mother, uncle and a younger sister. As my mother has high expectations of us, she is therefore

    rather strict. As a result, we have cultivated a positive attitude in life and we are

    often praised by others.

    My hobbies include listening to the music, reading and photography. I usually

    listen to the classics as it helps me to unwind, to have better concentration and

    increases my confidence. Besides, I also like to cycle. I love the feeling of cycling

    in the countryside as I can be nearer to the nature. I also get to know more about

    natural/biological resources and it helps me to strengthen my body. This is also

    an enjoyment to me.

    In the eyes of my classmates, I am like a pistachio as I often bring them joy.

    Apart from this, no matter what difficulties I encounter, I always laugh off the

    matter. Therefore, I am an optimistic person. I hope everybody will feel that “it is

    great to have me around”.


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    Hey, this is my first self-introduction in English, mind a bit tense. My name is 000, the English name is 000,

    But my friends call nicknamed small Wanzai, because my hair cut like the cherry on the Wanzi.

    This year I am 00 years old, was born in 00, I lived at 00, is a Shanmingshuixiu, fresh and peaceful good village.

    I grew up in an ordinary family, a home grandfather, grandmother, mother, uncle There is also a sister, his mother because of our high expectations, we also treat very strict, but also because of this, let me have the correct behavior, Concept, everyone praised as a good child.

    My hobby is like listening to music, reading, photography. Usually listen to music are some of classical music, because it allows me to relax, focus, strengthen their confidence. In addition, I also like riding a bicycle. I like riding a bicycle in the fields of feeling, because they can get close to nature, recognizing that many biological and allow their physical health, I think is a great enjoyment.

    In the eyes of students, I was their pistachios, and often can bring you joy. In addition, I encountered no matter what difficulties, always use a smile to the face of it, so I was also optimistic about the people. Hope that everyone will feel that "I's nice!"

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    後面是"I's nice!"

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