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uti?yeast infection?bv?help!?

Uti?yeast infection?bv? i had sex about a month ago,a week after when i peed it was a little painful/ at the first sign of that i went out bought some acidophilus tablets and started to drink some cranberry juice to fight off what i thought might have been a unrinary tract infection,also had the uge to pee every 5 min...sometimes barley anything even came out......soooo a few days after that the burning and urge to pee was gone..a while after that when i went pee again it burned..but it burned like when it turned my after i peed i look down there in the mirror and saw that my vulva was very red and looked swollen.....i kept drinking cranberry and it stopped burning the i thought i was ok...then i started itching down there and saw white cottage cheese discharge,ive had a yeast infection before so i recognized this and inserted an acidophilus pill in there,this morning when i got up it burned there again,and i have little tiny bumps on my left lip


looks a little like chicken skin!could i have all three infections?my discharge did have an odd smell..and the pee was a bit cloudy.HELP

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    You may want to see your doctor for this. It sounds like a yeast infection along with bv infection. You should continue to take probiotics to produce more good bacteria. Good luck....things women go through.

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    You have got to get in to the doctor and get yourself checked, you could call them and tell them you think you have a bladder infection and a yeast infection. The bladder infection can spread to your kidneys and shut them down, putting you on kidney dialysis three times a week. This is nothing to mess around with and you need to get to the doctor--the spots on your labia could also be herpes, you just really need to be seen by a doctor, please do so!

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    sounds like a yeast infection to me.. DOCTOR!

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