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I've played and watched baseball for years. I have my opinions and you have yours. Favorite teams and players?

No players in AA or AAA divisions. MLB only. First put your favorite team, then player(s). (I'd like you to tell me favorite batter, and pitcher, but that's not needed.)

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    Born in Ohio so naturally im a Reds and Indians fan, (more of a Reds don't miss a game) Fav. Player = Brandon Phillips has it all fielding, hitting, speed, clutch, hustle (runs out routine ground balls everytime)

    Favorite hitter would have to be Vladimir Guerrero can make contact with the most ackward balls( not strikes) and gets them in play...Best BALL hitter which leaves even less room for comfort and for the pitcher to work. Also favor Manny and A-Rod just off shear talent.

    Fav. Pitcher is Edinson Volquez dude is just nasty, throws his fast ball with the same arm motion as his change up and just make hitters look absolutely foolish. Also was brilliant in Yankee Stadium, against the Red Sox, and the Phillies and Cubs you know the first place teams...

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    My Team: Giants

    Favorite Pitcher:Tim Lincecum cause he is such a dominant and almost all the time unhittable pitcher. He never looks scared out there or nervous, and is truly a talented all-star. Hopefully he starts for the NL.

    Favorite Hitter: Fred Lewis cause he is such an exciting player to watch when he puts the ball in play, especailly with the speed he has.

    Some other favorites Jonathon Papelbon, Mariano Rivera, Brian Wilson, Albert Pujols, David Wright, Chase Utley,Carlos Beltran, Ken Griffey Jr, Jake Peavy, Josh Hamilton, Dan Uggla, Hanley Ramirez, Mark Ellis, Fred Lewis. I have more but these were the top ones i can think of!

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    My Team: The Milwaukee Brewers

    My Favorite Hitter: Ryan Braun

    My Favorite Pitcher: Ben Sheets

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    Infielder- Aybar

    Outfielder- Guerrero

    Starting Pitcher- Santana

    Relief/Closing Pitcher- Rodriguez

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    The Colorado Rockies

    Todd Helton

    Matt Holiday

    Neffie Perez

    Brad Hawpe

    Jason Hirsh

    Dante Bichette

    Aaron Cook

    Yorvit Torrealba

    Larry Walker

    Source(s): watched them forever
  • Favorite team: Oakland A's

    I have a bunch. Here's some.

    From the A's:

    Eric Chavez

    Bobby Crosby

    Frank Thomas

    Mark Ellis

    Not from A's:

    Derrek Lee

    Tim Lincecum

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    Montreal Expos

    (can I just make an all-time favourites team? just among players who have played since I started watching baseball in 1986)

    Pitcher = Nolan Ryan (it's a given being that I go to school in Texas)

    Catcher = Gary Carter

    First Base = Will Clark

    Second Base = Ryne Sandberg

    Shortstop = Omar Vizquel

    Third Base = Jorge Cantu

    Outfield = Rickey Henderson in left, Kirby Puckett in centre, Vlad Guerrero in right

    DH if needed = Larry Walker or Manny Ramirez, haven't decided yet.

    Source(s): over 20 years watching and playing the game
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    Favorite team is the New York Yankees & favorite player is Derek Jeter. These are some of my other favorite players in the league: Brian Roberts, Utley, Pujols, Josh Beckett, Ichiro, J.D. Drew, Berkman, Tejada, Griffey Jr to name a few

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    Mike Piazza played 8 years for the New York Mets. He went to Miami Dade North College

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    Minnesota Twins

    I have tons of favorite players...some from the Twins and some not...

    Joe Mauer. Johan Santana. Joe Nathan. Jason Bartlett. Michael Cuddyer. Gavin Floyd. Scott Baker. Torii Hunter. Kevin Slowey. Kerry Wood. Jacoby Ellsbury. Nick Blackburn. Matt Garza. Justin Morneau. Dennys Reyes. Jason Varitek. Carlos Gomez. Ian Kinsler. Adam Everett. Josh Hamilton. Matt Guerrier. Aaron Cook. Alexi Casilla. Casey Kotchman. Delmon Young. Evan Longoria. Craig Monroe. Dimitri Young. Geovanny Soto. Shawn Riggans. Pat Neshek. Brandon Webb. Jesse Crain. C.C. Sabithia. Mike Lamb. Casey Blake. Denard Span. Nick Swisher. Nick Punto. Lance Berkman. Mike Redmond. Craig Breslow. Brian Bass. Matt Tolbert. Brendan Harris. Livan Hernandez...


    Mauer is my most favorite batter and Joe Nathan, Scott Baker, Matt Guerrier, Kevin Slowey, Pat Neshek, Nick Blackburn, Johan Santana, Gavin Floyd, and Kerry Wood are my all-time favorite pitchers. Hard to choose just one!

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