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Are teen authors successful?

Just curious...

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    I am 19 and have been published in various newspapers already and have started my own book. It is very possible to become a successful teen author. If you have a natural knack for writing, use it!

    here's some advice though,

    try writing a book that focuses on a specific group of people because then you can seek out groups online that may want to buya nd promote your book on the internet and you can make a lot of money that way.

    for example, my mom is writing her third book. her first was on essential tremor so she contacted the essential tremor foundation. her second was on how to start your own pet sitting bussiness, so she contacted groups that promoted that, and now her third is sort of like chicken soup for the pet lover's soul in a way.

    mine is on living with bipolar disorder and is my own personal story so i'll be contacting a nfp bipolar awareness group to promote my book.

    good luck, i hope i helped!

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    I wish. Some make it but even though a lot of them can write really well, especially if they're writing for other teens teen authors have problems getting published on a large scale. People don't always take teen authors seriously and they don't usually have the money or resources to publish a book themselves.

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    Usually not....

    There have been cases where some teen authors have been successtul but usually they lack the education or life experience to write anything that would be considered for publishing. Don't let that stop you though if you're a teen author.

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    Usually teen authors are generally not very sucessful, but they're have been a few who have made it and become very popular. However, the only ones I know are Amelia Atwater-Rhodes (Demon In My View, Hawksong) and Christoper Paolini (Inheritence Trilogy).

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    One in a trillion. Christopher Paolini was only able to do it because his mother and father owned the publishing company. Pax-C

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    I'm 19 and am sending off a novel. Could you answer my question?

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    Not really... It doesn't mean that they can't write quality stories.

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    hmmmm....well, I can't name a single I guess not.

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