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Covergirl lashblast?

Is it any good? Im intrested in buying it *im 13* and i was wondering if it is good, and also if it dosent make your lashes look fake or like spider legs, lol.

Also should i get it in waterproof or regualar?


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    Get regular, waterproof is very bad for you. Let's be honest, the brush is awesome, but the formula not as much. The actual mascara is goopy, clumpy, and very harsh. If covergirl has to test on animals, they should at least make better products!!

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    It is really great because it makes my eyelashes appear thicker and longer than it really is. Definitely recommend it. I use the regular one though since I barely use waterproof unless i use the waterproof after the regular

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    i just bought the waterproof one today and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get off. i've tried so many different things and NOTHING will get it off... (eye make-up remover, baby oil, soap, face cleanser...) every website i've looked at has some solutions, but when i try them, they don't work!

    the lashes look good, so you should get the regular if you do get it.

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    its great! I use regular becuase its easier to wash off but if you are going to be doing sports and stuff in it, get the waterproof.

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    im like obessed with mascara. i have long natural lashes that i get compliments on all the time b/c i always buy different mascaras and try them. Lash Blast is my number one and it is amazing! i love it!

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    im 13 too and i have regular and i love it! go for it!

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    my sister in law has both and she loves them!

    answer mine plz?


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    everyone i know says its amazing.

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