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What color eyeshadow look alright with dark blue grey eyes? Would a subtle rosy color be okay?

I have deep honey colored hair, a pale (and at times rosy) complexion, and blue-grey eyes. In shade my eyes seem almost colorlessly grey, and in sunlight they are a light blue. I usually wear browns and nudes, but since it's summer I've been looking to mix it up a bit. Suggestions?

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    as a general rule, those with blueish eyes should look for eye makeup in gray, violet, taupe, purple, and deep blue. you could also try using a dark shade of blue will actually bring out the more natural blue tones in your eyes; giving you a brighter and more vibrant look.

    if you are looking for an edgier or more dramatic evening look, mixing black liner with a bright blue will give you a classic smoky effect. you can also throw in some silver, fuschia, or turquoise if you are going out and want a funky nighttime feel.

    violets and lavenders are most recommended if you have a combination of baby blues and blonde hair. this is because a light purple is the most flattering for most blondes who tend to have fairer skin than those with darker hair.

    you can use violet on the creases of your eyelids as well as on the lid in general. a lighter lavender above the crease will give you a more dramatic look for evenings. more neutral colors are ideal for daytime, but it's always fun to wear purple no matter what the time or season!

    tans and browns can flatter the shape and shade of your eyes without overpowering your hair or other features. in the evenings, adding a gold shimmer is a great finishing touch for those with gorgeous, fiery hair and contrasting blue eyes.

    i would keep your lips simple with a natural looking gloss, that way you can have a bit more fun with your eye make-up.

    hope this helps


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    All blues would go perfect for you. Instead of sticking to one color, blend a bunch of blues. The best blues for blending are cuberry eyeshadows obviously, but cheaper brands might also do the trick.

    A aqua-jade with sparkles might mix it up too. Bluish-green colors go very very well on a pale complextion.

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    A rosy colour will probably look nice. Maybe try some golds, blacks, purples, and pink shades. Those might look nice with your eye colour. Hope you find something nice :)

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    It seems like I have the same eye, complextion, and hair features as you. I wear golden sparkly eyeshadow and I get lots of compliments on my eye color when I wear it. I really love it! Good Luck:D

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    Try Maybelline Seashore Frost in the quads.

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    You could go with a light Grey Eyeshadow to go with your eyes.

    or maybe a pink. =]

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    I'd say

    a lighter gray than your color,

    and yes light pink,

    and wine,


    or shimmery pink! :]

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    med. browns and i have the same look as you and gold looks really good on me it would prolly work 4 u 2. so basics:




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    I would say hot pink

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    gold looks amazing.

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