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Volleyball rotation?

Does anyone know any good websites were I could find the 5-1 and the 6-2 rotations for volleyball? I need to know all of the rotaions for rightside. It would be nice if the website had a diagram or something.

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    Umm my best guess is to go to google and then google images if u want a pic. i can't think of any of the top of my head. sorry i hope i helped alittle bit..

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    That is an easy one... In a 5-1 rotation as a setter you are responsible for setting from every rotation no matter where in the rotation you are, right back, left front, wherever. However, you are the opposing right side to the opposite hitter or RS as some clubs call it, and because of that you will ALWAYS move to the right front position when on the front row to both block and set from that position. Then on the back row, you will do the same, always moving to the right back position to play defense FIRST, and if the dig is made by another team member, you will quickly move to position to set. If you make the dig on defense, you should try to dig or pass the ball to your opposite hitter, who is now in the right front position, and she then becomes your backup setter.

    The advantage: having a consistent setter for all hitters so that a rhythm for the team system is set and consistent. Also having the opportunity to run multiple playsets with the hitters you have in different rotations, sometime only 2 and sometimes 3. When you are on the front row as a setter, you have the option to "dump" the ball as an offensive attack, and if you jump set all the time whether you are on the front or back row, sometimes the other team will forget if you are a legal attacker or not and will block with your jump even though you are back row! This will give your hitters a one-on-one opportunity since you took a blocer out of your opponents system! Get it?

    The disadvantages: If you are short and can not block effectively, or if you can not play defense! Those are the two skills besides setting that you should work on, blocking and digging. There are no other real disadvantages to the 5-1! Most college teams run the 5-1, and most club teams do as well... The only reason to run a 6-2 is if you want 3 hitters in every rotation and your setters can hit really well or they are substituted for trained RS specialist blockers etc... Get it?


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    stork's volleyball is my favorite volleyball website

    here's the link for the 5-1 rotation:


    and the 6-2 rotation:


    good luck :]

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    About.com's volleyball section has very good diagrams and explanations of how these rotations work. The link is below....

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    Here you go... I got it from one of those posts long time ago and have been keeping it in my bookmark.


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    as long as ur opposite the setter ur good

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    search it on wikipedia..seriously

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