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I deleted my yahoo account then realized my fantasy teams were tied to it. How do I access with new ymail acct

I have Fantasy football and baseball teams tied to my deleted account. Can I somehow gain access to these teams with my new ymail account log-in. Perhaps the league managers can fix it. Any ideas?


Nevermind. Yahoo customer services activated it back for me. Thanks

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    there's no way that you can ever recovered your already deleted account. But try asking yahoo if they can help you. good luck...

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    I believe you are toast.

    You can email Customer Care, but once an account is gone, it's gone.

    I am not aware of any tools the comissioner can use to help you.

    EDIT: Awesome, and lucky too. Good for you, that usually doesn't happen.

    Very sorry...

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    I am trying to contact Yahoo but can't seem to find how to do that. Do you have contact information for them?

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    haha-haha-haha-haha-haha nothing like ruining a little boys dream

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    nah man you got PWNED... no turning back which is awful

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