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how long till 99 hunter? (runescape)?

I'm lvl 60 hunter now and If I start catching red chinchompas at lvl 80, around how long will it take to get 99 hunter if i play 1-3 hours a day?

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    Well i'd say 1-2 months at least since the chins can take awhile with the worlds, friend took 2-3 weeks with 10 hours a day from 80-99.

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  • vorce
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    Swamp Lizzard = 152Exp crimson Chinchompas = 265Exp extremely a whilst.. Use the region decrease than (I swear its a secure internet site) to be certain what can get you the main exp with each point. Its very useful and could furnish you excellent information that can assist you point up quicker. solid luck!

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