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Can someone tell me what it's like to live in Taiwan?

I am about to get a project in Taiwan. Can someone tell me what it's like there?

-What's the temperature like?

-Is it a conservative culture?

-What are the fun things to do?

-Is it expensive?

-Is it very westernized?

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    1.) Taiwan is very hot and humid so you always get very sweaty when you are out for just a couple of minutes. A good air conditioner is very important in taiwan.

    2.) It depends where you are, it is more conservative in the rural areas where it is more traditional, but in big cities like Taipei, it's just like america.

    3.) Tons, Taiwan might have a lot of smog, but they are really big in nature. Nature hikes around yaming Mountain and other mountains and stuff are very common. There are also, common stuff like amuesment parks, bowling stuff you would do in america. (When you bowl they don't have bumpers, so for me it's preety hard). The zoo is also very cool, it is REALLY big and great. Also, walking around Taipei 101 is a must, thou it is very expensive if you buy anything.

    4.) No, 100 NT$ only equal to around $3 in America. You can usually buy a complete meal (soup, main entree, red tea) for less then 100NT$! Once they even had a restaurant that sold pork chops, rice, soup and red tea for only 20 NT$. Though if you want very high end buffetts or restaurants they are usually around 1000NT$, but they have everything u want. The best types of meals to me are jian chan, a four course meal for around 800NT$. Also, the best food can be found in little street stalls (cheap and delicious!) Shopping is also very cheap if you buy it on the streets and shopping malls like sogo are so so expensive (depends how you compare)

    5.) Depends where you are talking about like I said for number 2, rural areas are more traditional, big cities like Taipei have lots of big shopping malls, more "westernized"

    Hope you do well on your project!

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    - Mostly hot and humid from April til November: 25 - 32 degrees, the humidity makes a big difference! December til March 'feels' cold because there is no in-door heating and the humidity makes it feels colder than it is... even though the temp is only around 16 - 20! June and July is rain season, during August til November there may be a typhoon or two - don't worry though - Taipei is quite safe and it will just mean a day off work at the worst!

    - In Taiwan the people are very open and friendly! You will be looked after.

    - There are lots of things to do! Far too many to list! Basically Taipei is a large cosmopolitan city with everything a such like city has, there are also various hot-springs around Taiwan, there are beautiful mountains and forests to explore, tropical beaches on the south of the island - seriously, I've been here 4 years and don't even feel slightly bored!

    - Renting is expensive because of the shortage of land in Taiwan (it's a small island mostly covered by mountains and thick forest), but... eating is very cheap! In fact it's cheaper eating out than cooking in - and there are so many places to choose from (well in Taipei anyway)! Transport is very cheap! Basically everything apart from rent!

    - I'd say that it has a lot of wetstern influence, but there is also of course Chinese and Japanese influences as well, all in all a very interesting and unique mixture!

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    1. humid and hot in the summer. Sometimes when the temperature was really not that high, but it is really humid so it feels hotter than the actually degree. Cold in winter (they don't have heater in the house, unless you buy a mini heater and put it in your room), But they don't have snow, only some snow in high mountain area.

    2. um... it depends on each family, but generally they don't hug or kiss each other when greeting. But loversl do hold hands on the street. it does not have an extremely conservative culture like ppl in the old time, but they are also not very open, ex: lovers don't kissing each other in public (ex: school's hallway)

    3 Alot, hot spring, food, 101 tower, night fair, clubs. mountain hiking, zoo, museum,

    4 nope, really cheap. If you live in america for years, then you return to taiwan for a tour, you'll find everything extremely CHEAP, $30 NT = $ 1 US, for 100 dollars NT you can buy so many things. $10 NT a gum, tempura, candy ,,,,etc

    $100 NT = 25 dumpling

    5 um...a little. Taiwan is a very modernized country (include the rural area.)

    Source(s): borned in Taiwan
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    The weather is not as hot as you thought, but summer is long here, about 6 months, temperature is around 90~ 95 degree Fahrenheit, scarcely over 100 degree.

    Wither temperature is about 60~ 70 degree, but sometimes when cold air comes, it could be lower than 50 degree.

    Taiwanese people aren't conservative at all.

    Birds watching, eco-tourism and getting aquaintance with us would be fun.

    Everythings here are less expensive than nearby countries.

    Westernised? I don't think so, I'd rather say internationalized. Taiwanese students have terrific English ability, but they are too shy to speak out.

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