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I have an MS word doc that contains special characters that look fine when on my PC but go missing on my Mac.?

When I say "special characters," I mean pronunciation marks such as in the word "àep-sôn." The Word doc is in Times New Roman, and everything looks fine when the doc is viewed on my PC (running the current version of Windows, with MS Office 2007), but when I open the file on my Mac (running Tiger, MS Word 2007), all of those marks go missing, replaced by one of those little boxes which indicate that the glyph is missing. Any idea why? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    A few ideas...

    1. Do you have the "exact" same font loaded, on the Mac as on the PC?

    There are so many version of Times New Roman, that its a huge headache for desktop publisher and printing companies.

    For example here at work, my Mac has Times New Roman, Times New Roman PS, Times New Roman PSMT, Times NR MT. And they are all slightly different. Some may or may not have all necessary glyphs, etc.

    2. Thats just the nature of the beast in dealing with MS Word on a Mac and a PC. I know that doesnt help solve your problem. But PC fonts have glyphs that some Mac fonts just dont have. Weird I know, but I run into that quite often.

    Source(s): Pre-press mgr. for a printing company 22+ years.
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