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Northface Jackets This Winter?

I'm trying to get ready for this winter. For a moment, everyone was wearing peacoats last winter, but that went away and everyone had Northface jackets. Will that be popular again this winter? I like them. But I don't want to be out of style. Have those been in for a few winters, or what?

Also. Should I buy a Hollister hoodie or an Abercrombie one?




What month do people start wearing them?

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    ahhh i freakinngg love my northfacee.

    they are soo warm and cute.

    i dont think they will be going out of style, you should juet get like one in the color you like and get a nice colorful scarf to match with it.

    i have black because it stays clean better then the other ones and if you get black you can get many diffrent scarfes to wear with it , depending on your mood on what your wearing!

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    I honestly don't see Northface jackets going out of style anytime soon. Plus, they are amazing jackets and they keep you super warm and are very well made. I would go with a Northface jacket!!!

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    northface jackets will be in style because they're made to do the job. they're a sport company that just got big in urbanwear. the bubble jackets are out of style. i have a parka (forgot the exact model name) but i cant wait to wear it again. got it late last winter

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    Get a high quality jacket that will keep you warm. Style is much less important than your health.

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    northfaces will never go out of style i love them , and they are very warm.

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    Get whatever is warmest and the most functional. Stop being a tool.

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    idk but i'm getting a northface this winter too, they're so comfortable and warm!

    go with the abercrombie hoodie.

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