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Where is the closest fried chicken franchise or greasy spoon to the Denver Cow Palace?

I will be there late October for the festivities and will need a "fix" of greasy, fried food. I hear it has been banned.

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    You hear wrong. Ever been to Denver? You will find it interesting. If you get a chance. Roam Colorado. It is a very beautiful place. People come to Colorado to heal their minds, spirit and body. You may find it useful. If you are a lowlander, Take it easy for a couple of days. Some find it difficult to acclimate to the altitude. Drinking plenty of water helps.

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    1 decade ago

    Try Obama's Fried Chicken and Flip Flops slicked out chicken its full of grease to prime you for after the elections!

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    if you were planning on coming for the DNC, you'd miss it - and if you are serious, the Rocky Mountain Diner on 18th and Champa has some of the best fried chicken around.

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    Two Blocks down, from the Cow palace take a right, big red house on the hill They're bootlegging it . . eat good my friend.

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    I'll bet you get a real thrill from race-baiting questions, right?

    You probably use them to compensate for other emotional deficiencies....

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