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im a loser....i love this girl, cant stop thinking about her?

heres the problem

shes in year 11 and im in year 10 she catches the same bus as me

shes so pretty and her personality is soo cute, every time im gonna approach her to talk to her i freeze up and stand down... and one time she sat next to me i was gonna say something but i couldnt think of anything.i know im a complete loser...

i know i have no chance with her

I cant stop thinking about her, even in my dreams :(

pls tell me wat i can do to man up and approach her also wat are some good conversation starters


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    Of course you are NO LOSER! You are YOU, and we are all great in our own UNIQUE way. I'm going to tell you a secret....."we are all seeking love and approval, and we are all scared" as we grow older we just manage to hide it better ;-).

    The easiest way to start a conversation is by talking about something common and non threatening until you feel comfortable and relaxed enough to ask her out.

    Now....I haven't been 10 years old in a LONG time, so I don't know what kids talk about this days. Pretend she is one of your boy pals, and talk about what is going on in your school, tests, classes, books, weather, teachers etc.

    After you break the ice you can complement her on her hair like: "your hair looks really nice today" or her back pack: "your back pack is really cute, where did you get it? My mother is looking for one for my sister, cousin whomever and I think she would like that one" something like that.

    You sound like a VERY SMART capable young boy! Keep it SIMPLE, and GOOD LUCK :-) Let me know how it turns out.

    I'm sending you a BIG STRONG VIBE of COURAGE K?

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    This is what I call admiration envy..Liking who she is and the kind of person she is ... There is an admiration that can come from female to another female that lets you see them as cute, beautiful, talented, smart, good figure, nice hair, athletic and a long list of things. Admiration for a fellow female is quite natural and lets you know that you have been inspired... This is a sign that maybe you can make some big steps in your life to improve you like an ah ha moment....

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    ur not a loser. u just lack some confidence and courage... how bout saying u forgot to bring ur phone and need to call someone ask her to lend u her phone. den after that say thanks and just start talking. just find some chances that u can start talking to her first.

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    i have found that if a girl likes you ,you can say no wrong things and if she doesn't you can say no right thing, so just sit down beside her and start talking

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    Step A). Grow said nuts, they you are lacking

    Step B). Obey my dog

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    ask about what classes she has now, if she's going to college and which one, start with school-based questions

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    use anything to talk to her. talk about music, school, pets, whatever. you're not a loser, just think what you could do.....

    oh yeah, if she doesn't know you, it might be good to introduce yourself first.

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    "Ur Cute. Will u buy me a pizza? am hungry"

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    just talk to her tell her your crazy about her

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    ok, if you dont ask her out you will never find out if she likes you or not & stop thinkink so negative!!


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