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Bank Account的audit procedure一問??

請問check bank account的audit procedure是怎樣??


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Obtain internal control related to cash and bank balance (such as receive, payment, segregation of duty, bank reconciliation each month, checking). Base on the result we have to obtain more evidence related to the balance to do more working (substantive procedures).

    Find out the bank balance as at the year end date from document issued from bank and match with bank account. Any different, re-perform bank reconciliation, check the settlement of un-present chequa to verify the competence and accurate of the account.

    Obtain 3rd party confirmation like bank confirmation to verify the reconciliation balance.

    There were 16 item on the bank confirmation they are

    deposits, fixed or at call,

    savings accounts,

    current accounts,

    loan account,

    accounts closed during the year to confirmation date,

    advances to manufacturers and/or packing credit accounts and/or export loans granted,

    acceptances outstanding,

    partial payment held by bank,

    irrevocable letters of credit,

    bills receivable by customer,

    Marginal deposit held by banker,

    loans granted in connection with inward cargoes, guarantees,

    foreign exchange contracts outstanding,

    other direct or contingent liabilities to banker,

    securities and other documents of title held by banker.

    Each item have their own function and evidence to support.

    For cash, perform cash count and confirmation signed by client.

    Audit Objectives for cash and bank balance (bank account) only

    1. To ensure all bank balances are properly recorded and fully supported by independent evidence.

    2. To ensure cash and cash in transit are properly classified and adequately disclosure.

    3. To ensure bank loan balances are properly recorded and disclosed.

    4. To ensure adequate disclosure for secured liabilities of the company are made.

    5. To ensure disclosure on securities/guarantees given to third party by the company/or on its behalf are

    adequately disclosed.

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    【 集思廣益譜新章 】 stated much more shorter but easier that me, I respect!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Check for the opening and ending balances.

    2. Check postings and castings of each of the bank accounts.

    3. Check the entries with the bank account.

    4. Prepare a Bank Reconciliation Statement highlighting the reasons for the difference between the bank book and the balance as shown in the bank statment.

    5. Vouch payments and recieipts to the payment voucher and receipt voucher together with the supporting documents.

    6. Send out bank confirmation to banks.

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