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    -I am really interested in Management so I chose to apply for the Business Management Degree. I believe with a proper training I can build up a good foundation for this interesting subject, and in turn I can apply what I learn to my future career.

    -Unlike other specific degrees, Business Management can offer me better choice at work since every industry needs management professionals.

    -I believe not everyone is gifted to be a manager, while I feel lucky that I do believe I possess those qualities required as a manager. I am determined with a clear mind on what I am doing, what I want to achieve and how I can achieve it. These all makes me feel I should opt for the management field as my future career.

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    (1) The purpose of my choice for taking BBA degree course in your University is to get more professional knowledge of business administration, which may be somewhat helpful for my future career, in the face of the development of a knowledge-based society .

    (2) I think that graduates from Business Administration Department in your University will have more chance of getting their jobs in management giving contribution to our society or will be able to further their studies, in order to become professional managers themselves .

    (What's more, students taking the BBA degree course in your University can be provided with a variety of the latest professional knowledge and practice of business management to enable them to develop their potential to the full in order to meet the needs of society in the 21st Century .)

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    The reason why I choose this course is because I want to acquire more knowledge so that it can help my future career.

    I think that after studying Business Management, I can find a job easier since many companies will accept this qualification.

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