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這首歌歌詞---all good things come to an end



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    Nelly Furtado 妮莉費塔朵

    All Good Things (Come To An End) (好景不常)

    Honestly what would become of me 老實說 什麼才是自己

    Don't like reality 真實不是我的話題

    It's way too clear to me 對我 那太過清晰

    But really life is dandy 但生活是每日的累積

    We are what we don't see我們總是看不清自己

    Miss everything daydreaming整天在白日夢找東西

    Flames to dust 火焰然成灰

    Lovers to friends 情人變朋友

    Why do all good things come to an end為何好景總不常久

    Traveling I always stop at exits 旅行時 我總停在出口

    Wondering if I'll stay 思索著是否停留

    Young and restless 年輕的愁

    Living this way I stress less 這樣活著我也樂的輕鬆

    I want to pull away when the dream dies 夢想逝去就讓我撤退

    The pain sets in and I don't cry 讓痛襲來 我不流淚

    I only feel gravity and I wonder why只剩重力作用 心好累

    And he dogs were whistling a new tune 狗也哼唱起新的旋律

    barking at the new moon 朝著新月吠吼

    hoping it will come soon 希望它快點來 結束這一切

    And the sun was wondering if it should stay away for a day til the feeling went away


    And the sky was falling and the clouds were dropping 天空落入雲中

    and the rain forgot how to bring salvation 雨滴忘記帶來救贖

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