Why do people like Rock but Not Country?

Rock music is so overrated, IMO. Country has peopel that can actually sing, write their own songs, and play multiple instruments. The lyrics are better and the songs too. Rock music is mostly screaming, and bands that all sound the same with little talent or inspiration. PATSY CLINE is the best singer who ever lived. I love Country Music, but I just dont understand the appeal of Rock Music. Im a true music lover, but I wonder why everyone likes Rock and not Country

Please explain?


That is NOT TRUE!

I am not a redneck. And Country is not Redneck. Only some types are. Its A very BIG genre. I dont think you know anything about Country Music.

Update 2:

Are you talking about REAL Country music or the Horrible stuff they play on the radio which isnt Country but a Fake Twanged Pop with people who are almost as bad as Pop Music?

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Update 4:

Their voices are AMAZING! Rock Music people CANNOT sing .. They SCREAM and sing off key.

And I dont mean Tim McGraw or anything "Country" Artist that people think is Country but are NOT. Im talking about Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Marty Robbins, Jim Reeves, Suzy Bogguss, Meade Skelton, Dwight Yoakam, John Denver, etc etc etc

Update 5:

Um, Country-Rock is a form of Country Music also!

And also Country Music has plenty of emotion in it. I will agree Rock has more beat and energy, but the lyrics often sound like they were written by a 5-year-old. I prefer lyrics and melody over beat.

Update 6:

Do they have that on vinyl? Because I dont listen to CDs. They sound awful!

Update 7:

I see your point

But Country Music has ENDLESS sub genres- even more so than Rock! Western Swing,BlueGrass, Rockabilly, Pop Country, New Wave Country, Country Rock, Folk, NewGrass, I could go on and on and on.

Update 8:

Um, do you think all Country songs cry about how terrible life is? In fact, even in Old Country Music, there arent many that do that. Thats such an exaggeration. There is many upbeat joyous Country songs that tell stories. Rock singers are better? I cant think of any.

But then again, vocals arent the main thing in Rock. Guitars are.

Update 9:

Country Music has plenty of sub genres. Most people dont know about Western Swing, NewGrass, CowPunk, Rockabilly, Country Rock, Folky Pop, etc.

Its all in there. In fact, Country is probably even more diverse than Rock is.

The problem I have with Rock is that its not song driven like Country music is based on songs. Rock is just based on different beats and it gets old really fast because its all about the beat and not about lyrics and songcraft.

Update 10:

Hip Hop is not Rock. Nor is Bubblegum Pop

Update 11:

Ok, I can accept that

Im not that old. I was born in 1979. So I turned 29 a few months ago. Thats not that old. I grew up in the digital Era too. (But I prefer vinyl records)

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    Well.... you don't have to put down one thing to be a fan of another.

    You like your country for your reasons; rock fans like rock for their reasons.

    Why not just admit that maybe there are things that you don't understand about rock, just like rock fans might not understand about country?

    You seem to think that rock is all screaming and bad lyrics.

    Some other people think that country is all about dogs, tractors, and beer.

    BOTH views are wrong and generalizing extremely.

    Can you see that you're doing the same thing?

    You are a music elitist - I am, also - but I do accept that there are good and bad in ALL genres.

    Think about the fact that there is something that draws you personally to country music - do you think that must apply to everyone if it applies to you? Everyone has their own reason to like whatever they like.

    What I suggest is that you open your mind a little more and dig deeper into rock music - you'll soon find that it is more than screaming. Extremely more.

    Also, you can kindly point people in the right direction with their misconceptions of country music.

    That would make more sense than blindly criticizing and your whole "fe fi fo fum, i is right, you is wrong!" thing.

    Your bad answers saying things like exactly what I said, about the misconceptions of country, prove what I'm saying. They are blindly generalizing, as are you.

    Also, you'll find that a lot of country music and rock music genres overlap and intertwine with each other. Somehow, you'll end up getting from one end of the country spectrum to the other end of the rock spectrum in one sweep.

    I like country music for certain reasons, and I like rock music for certain reasons. It's all preference. And one person's preference is not any better than another's, as hard as that is to accept.

    I'm not saying that I don't criticize some people's music, oh believe me, I do, a lot - but I do not generalize and throw entire wide genres into one big lump. There are a lot of shades to rock, some people like a few of them, some people like it all - some people don't like any. The same would go for country.

    It's simple, really.

    I know it's difficult for us music elitists to understand, but the main rule is - don't criticize what you don't understand! If you want to criticize, make sure you've read it all the way through first and you can give a fair knowledgeable answer.

    Hope you read that, hope I gave you something to think about.... =]

  • Layne
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    Eh, not sure. I'm a big fan of older/outlaw country (Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Cal Smith, Portor Wagnor, ect), but I also love rock n' roll, it appeals to some, asnd not to others, Sometimes it takes a while to get used to. If you talking about getting into rock n' roll, try some AC/DC or Led Zeppelin at first, so its not all just a bunch of screams.

    I think the main appeal is just a simeple; more up beat, hard hitting riffs, and the range of rock n' roll. It has so many sub genres and sub-subgenres that they could almost go on forever.

    --Hope that helped, Layne

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    Ok, first of all, if that is your general perception of rock in general, then you are very wrong. For rock, you probably only know the commercial bands, in which many are not very imaginative, but the same applies to country music, pure and simple. There are plenty of multi-instrumentalists in rock music to, especially the one person black metal bands.

    As for country as a genre, I like some of it, but I haven't indulged to much in it yet, need to do that. Honestly, most of my country ventures come because of southern metal bands (bands that combine southern rock and heavy metal, with southern rock being a fusion between psychedelic rock and country music, don't remember which one in specific).

    The reason why everyone likes rock is because you can walk into any Best Buy and find a really nice selection of rock's different sub-genres, different feelings, if you will. Rock music has this energy, no matter which genre you choose, this emotive-ness. Rock bands, at least most of the commercial bands, don't have a hard time expressing very simple and visceral emotions, like love, happiness, anger and so on. Of course, the underground bands express far more complex emotions than the commercial ones, so you may want to listen to those should you choose to try out some rock bands.

    As for rock being loud, the vast majority is loud, hell, rock 'n' roll was hated mainly because it was loud music, much like jump blues was. There are plenty of quieter bands, so try to check those out.

    As for singing, the vast majority of rock singers don't sound like "good" singers because they haven't had any formal training, because lets face it, not only is it expensive, but it requires a huge amount of time, and most kids would rather hang out with their friends.

    Overall, the main spirit of rock 'n' roll and all of its sub-genres, be it hip hop, heavy metal, punk rock, disco, bubblegum pop, techno, industrial or whatever, is this, music created by John Doe for other John Doe's.

  • Rem
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    First off, Robert Plant is the best singer who ever lived.

    Rock has people that can actually sing, write their own songs, and play multiple instruments. The lyrics are better and the songs too. I'm talking Classic Rock. I agree that current mainstream rock sucks. But what music these days doesn't.

    Source(s): A hearty, music loving, 15-year old man
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    I do like some Country music but not Mainstream or full-blown C&W. I do like Alt-Country like Dave Alvin and Country Dick Montana and some of the lesser known Country talents of Jerry Jeff Walker and Ramblin' Jack Elliot not to mention tons of Cowpunk, Rockabilly and Psycobilly bands.

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    On the contrary, while there are well known singer/songwriters involved in Country music, the majority of the most legendary stars in Country music do or did not write their own music or lyrics. Country labels and artists scourer songbook after songbook looking for the perfect fit for their records. Say what you want about Rock or Metal, but the majority of the bands compose their own music and write their own lyrics. You may love Patsy Cline, but she did not write her songs, you may wonder why anyone would like Metallica but everything they have ever done was created by the members of the band... that alone is impressive. There is not one single law in this world that says that you can't love Reba McEntire and Led Zeppelin... It seems to me that you are just as closed minded on your end of things as you suppose fans of rock or metal are.

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    I certainly can hear what you are saying. I love the traditionally country music myself,as well. I love the sound of the steel guitars & the fiddles& regular guitars & Pasty Cline & Hank Williams don Gibson Lrfty Frezell Loretta Lynn Now,there are a few newer ones that are good. I'm Not Over You by Rhonda Vinent . George Jones Tammy Wynette Vince Gill I Call Your Name Rodney Crowell,Even Cowgirls Get The Blues Reba McEntire Bill Anderson Conway Twitty

    But,with all of the love I have for Country,I still like jazz& some soft rock & religious music as well. There are even a couple of rock songs that I liked when I was a kid. But,I just do not like any Rap music at all. I just don't get how they consider that music! I LOVE THAT VIDEO! Thanx I savedI do have several of her songs on CD as well. the page in my favorites. There's a couple of Hank Williams on Yahoo ! your question keeps growing! I agree with what you are saying,all except,I have to listen to CDS in my car.There's no choice LOL!(If I want to listen to music in the car,because most of the radio stations around where I live suck!

  • The problem here is that you're over-generalizing. There are people in country music who do NOT write their own stuff (many of the "girl singers" never wrote their own material) and just the fact that you can play multiple instruments doesn't make your material worth hearing in my opinion (Barbara Mandrell, I have read, is proficient on something like 5 or 6 instruments but I find all her songs to be rather bland).

    There are plenty of rock people who DO write and sing (The Rolling Stones immediately come to mind) and many rock lyrics are every bit as good as classic country ones. (I'll stack up Chuck Berry's "Brown Eyed Handsome Man" against Patsy's "She's Got You"...heck Tanya Tucker liked it well enough to cover it on her T.N.T. album)

    I do think a lot of anti-country sentiment is in reaction to this glossy Nash-Vegas stuff that's passed off as genuine country these days but it's too easy to say "rock isn't as good as country" and impossible to prove.

    And I love Patsy Cline (got her box set downstairs) but I think the "best singer who ever lived" would have to be Nat "King" Cole personally.

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    imo rock music has more energy and unleashes more emotion, it allows people to get hyped up and be a little crazy. the beat is usually more energetic . not all rock is screaming , there are many types of rock including country rock, you should try listening to some of the 80's rock bands there was a better variety of sound and talent than there is today but that is because the music industry today has a limited view of what they want to promote today. but listen to what you like music is art not everyone likes the same music

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    um...this question shouldn't have even been asked in the first place. You should know that ever single person on this planet likes different things. I personally like all kinds of music. Both country and rock....along with alot of other genres.

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