If I put my PS3 hard drive into another PS3, will I have to format my hard drive?

My friend has a 60gb PS3 and I have a 40gb. My friend doesn't use the features that the 60gb has that the 40gb lacks (PS2 backward compatability, flash card slots, ect...) but I want those features. So if we switch our PS3 hard drives (I put my hard drive into his PS3, and he puts his hard drive into my PS3) will the PS3 recquire the hard drives to be formatted? Because obviously we don't want to lose out data. And I just upgraded my PS3 hard drive to 250gb, so I really need to keep it. So will we have to backup our saved files, or will they work fine? And I know system settings will stay on the individual PS3


rogueslayer0, that's what I meant.

My friend and I do plan to switch PS3's too. I want to know if switching the hard drives will work or if the PS3's will recquire the hard drives to be formatted.

Update 2:

Ok, I've notived how you're saying to back up just in case. But we don't have an external hard drive we can use, and the biggest exterior storage we have is a 2gb SD card. We can probably make it work, but I just want to ask if anyone knows FOR SURE if we won't need the back up. Is there anyone who has done/witnessed a switch like this?

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  • Dean B
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    1 decade ago
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    You will need to back up the file's, becuase any new hard drive is put in, even if its from another ps3 will need re-formating (each hdd is sort of encrypted to a specific ps3 console) however when you restore your game fiels some may not work (some publishers stick drm on your game files for some resaon)

    and you will also lose your psn downloads too, cos there drm'd too.

    maybe a good idea to google waht game saves back-up n which ones don't.

    oh yeah, the game saves need to be manually backed up, a back up only saves the media.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sorry about that. I edited the answer after I re-read the question.

    I would back up the files just to be safe.

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  • Kera
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    4 years ago

    yes you can.Unfortunately,your data will be lost because one ps3 cant accept another ones hard drive.So,your data will be lost

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    back em up just in case it will ask u in the begining if u wanna format

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