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What happens to male chicks in *free range* poultry/egg farms??

For *free range* farms, are there guidelines or rules against killing male chicks??

I know it's common to kill the male chicks for regular egg producers, but what about free range?


sorry, I meant to say hatcheries as well as farms.

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    Free-range male chicks are also killed just like from conventional producers.

    They are either killed shortly after hatching or are bred to become meat.

    The free-range farms don't give their male chicks to farm sanctuaries, that's for sure. So, ethically, free-range is still slaughter. It's still raising helpless animals for the gluttony of humans.


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    Source(s): 10 Chicken Coop Plans :
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    sure I do help it. I stay between loose variety farms and that i've got considered terrible pictures from interior battery farms and know how plenty animals suffered interior the Victorian era working example, by making use of being saved cramped collectively interior the process unsanitary city centres. The animals on the farms the place I stay get veterinary interest as quickly as they like it and can roam loose as and while they like and you will tell from the way they act that they are satisfied. Animals should not be saved in cages and loose variety ensures that. you will locate how the animals around listed right here are saved and what they're fed so which you recognize once you purchase eggs and milk off them that the farmers preserve their animals and preserve them genuine. i think of that's a extraordinary concept and permit's desire it catches on plenty that battery farms grow to be a component of the previous.

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    They are sold to other poultry raisers, castrated at 6-20 weeks of age and sold as capons which are castrated roosters /cockerels that grow a lot bigger than regular chickens (about 8-10lbs).

    As far as I know, the process of castrating roosters is banned in the UK and commonwealth though sale of capon meat is not. They have a higher fat content and since are not as aggressive as uncastrated roosters, sometimes act as female chickens and mother chicks.

    PS killing of male chicks in egg farms is not common as to be almost nonexistent as there is no fertilization in egg farms hence no chicks are born at all. A llot of the killing happens in hatcheries where female chicks are sent ot contract growers.

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    Free range chickens are killed for meat just like regular chickens. They are preferred because it is a more humane and healthy way to raise the chickens and because they can have better flavor and less fat.

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    You don't wanna' know...

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    they are turned into marshmallow peeps :(

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