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My cat is foaming from the mouth. What can be wrong, what should I do. I dont have the money 4 a vet.Im scared

I know that there is a frog if an animal tries to eat it, it gives off some kind of chemical thru the pores for their defense. I dont know if this is whats wrong with him but if it is, will he be ok?

If this isnt that, what could it be and what can I do to make sure he is ok??


And he also looks sleepy.

Update 2:

it is 1:15 where i live so its not hot outside. And he goes outside and back in when he wants.

Update 3:

my cat has not been bitten. There are no signs of that.

Update 4:

that is 1:15 in the morning

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    I have experienced the same thing with a few of my cats. Have you recently put on a flea treatment or possibly given him a bath? Sometimes they get the chemical in their mouth and will drool and get foamy at the mouth. If you don't know the source of what he may have gotten into...keep your eye on him. If it continues for more than an hour or so and or he gets worse, I would take him to the vet to be evaluated. It may just clear up on its own very quickly and be okay.

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    Just to let you know, if it's rabies, the foaming would be due to it not being able to swallow. And they don't get rabies just from being bitten. Like aids, it can come from any kind of bodily fluid. The reason why being bit is the most common way to get it is because the mouth has saliva, breaking the skin causing contact with blood.

    And behavior changes is a big indication of it also. That's why normally shy raccoons and dogs bite. Rabies is an infection that eats at your brain. (hence not being able to swallow)

    Though just foaming at the mouth isn't an indication alone. Call a vet and ask for advice asap. :( Too bad the only way you can verify a rabies case is killing the animal to look at it's brain..

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    I am afraid you have to take your cat to the vet (QUICKLY!). Don't let it outside at all. When was the last time it had a rabies shot? There is a chance it has rabies. If it does have rabies it could die within 5 days. Make sure it has plenty of food and water. DON"T LET IT BITE YOU! About your money problem ask some one in your family for a loan. There is one sad thing if you can't afford the vet .... you sometimes have to give him up to a shelter (sorry :-( ).

    Go to these links:

    Source(s): I grew up around animals and I do a lot of research on animals diseases
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    It needs to be seen by the vet immediately!! It could be something very serious! Explain to your vet and they will more than likely set up a payment plan for you. The cat needs medical help. I am not trying to put you down, it's just that if you have a pet, you MUST take care of it when it is ill! I am truly sorry because I know money can be hard to come by, but believe would hate yourself if something happened and it ended up being too late! Just remember to explain to your vet that you are having financial difficulties and they will try their best to help with some kind of payment plan.

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    As a cat owner, it was your responsibility to be able to take care of him, by now being able to pay for the vet, you aren't doing that.

    Find an emergency vet clinic in your area, you need to take him to the vet. If your child was foaming at hte mouth, you'd take him right? You need to take the cat to the vet.

    You can work out a payment plan with the vet, explain your situation, and you can work something out.

    Get him to hte vet though!

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    There some free vet clinics in larger cities. Also the vet may be able to work out a payment plan.

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    Take your pet to the vet, and have it seen immediately. I don't care if u cant pay. The vets job isn't to beg you for money, it is to save dying or sick animals. Come on. Pick. Dead cat or financial plan. Ok. Hope I helped.

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    is it an outdoor cat?

    It could be rabies IF it got bitten by a wild animal.

    or maybe heat stroke, is it hot?

    can you describe the conditions?

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    sounds like rabies....that is why you should not take on a pet if you are unable to care for it properly...that includes an emergency vet a local vet anyway they may be able to set up payments for you!

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    my brothers cat did that it needed a tooth extraction.the poor cat.

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