how large is the area that modern israel covers?

how many miles, or the size of the area that Israel covers today

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    Israel size

    8,000 sq miles (Editor’s note: Israel could fit into Florida 8 times)

    263 miles long – North to South

    Width: between 9 and 71 miles wide (East to West)

    Israel Area - comparative: slightly smaller than New JerseyLand

    Arable land useful for farming 15.45%

    Rest is metropolitan areas, mountains and desert.Population of Israel

    7, 116, 200Population breakdown

    Jews: 5,393,600 - 76%

    Arab (Muslim, Druze): 1,413,500 - 20%

    Others: 309,100 4%Education

    Israeli workforce holding university degrees: 24%

    - ranking Israel third in the industrialized world after the United States and Netherlands.

    Israeli workforce holding advanced degrees: 12%

    Israel Unemployment rate

    8.5% (2006 est.)

    Israeli Population below poverty line

    22.6% (2005) including 34% of children.


    Israeli Climate

    Israel is on a climatic crossroad, which is a transitional area between a temperate and arid climate. The southern and eastern areas of Israel are characterized by an arid climate, while the other areas are characterized by a Mediterranean climate.

    Due to this climatic formation, there is high variability in the amount of precipitation from year to year, and in the different areas of the country.

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    The legal borders may be googled under "Partition Plan" / wiki. It you are talking the government,it currently illegally occupies the other 45% of the Palestinian Territories. They pretended to agree to the Partition Plan then gobbled up the entirety of Palestine - exactly what the Arab League predicted they would do. The government also occupies a Syrian province known as the Golan Heights.

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    The ratio of land in Israel to the land of arab countries is about the size of a very small studio apt in NYC compared to

    the size of say the Hearst castle in San Simeon.

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    think Rhode Island

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    It is big.

    Bigger than Cyprus, Lebanon, Jamaica, Slovenia e.a.

    Look here:

    I'd say it's pretty big myself.

    Look further down and you'll see how small is the Palestinian territory.

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    The old Israel is small part in the modern Israel. The west coast was never part of old Israel never.

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    This site gives you a pretty good idea

    hope it works this time

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