magic the gathering regeneration?

can i use the regeneration effects before i am even being attacked? if so, Example, my 2/2 creature uses regenerates at my opponents turn before combat. my opponent has a 3/3 and atks. i use my 2/2 to block does the regeneration still takes place and does it die?

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    Regeneration is an ability that can be used as many times as you want (as long as you can pay its costs). We are going to use drudge skelletons for this example (B: regenerate drudge skelletons).

    Every time you pay B, you put a regeneration 'shield' over drudge skelletons. If they suffer lethal damage, the regeneration shield will wear off and the creature will be regenerated (it will also be tapped as a result of the 'shield' being used).

    You can put as many 'regeneration shields' over your creature as you like (or can pay for). If not used they will wear out at the end of the turn (yours or the opponent).

    If you put a shield before combat and your creature suffers lethal damage, your creature will be regenerated.

    Regeneration doesn't work on state based effects like changing the creature power/toughness. If someone cast sudden death over your drudge skelletons, they will die no matter how many 'regeneration shields' they have on them.

    Your example is good as long as everything you described happenned on a single turn.

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    Regeneration sets up a 'shield' on the creature. The next time this turn that the creature would take lethal damage (damage greater or equal to its toughness) instead of dying the creature will become tapped and is removed from combat.

    In this situation, the 2/2 creatures blocks the 3/3, and then it regenerates... it survives but it becomes tapped and is removed from the combat.

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    Yes, you can block the 3/3. Assuming that you can pay the regenerating cost, you can regenerate your 2/2. Your 2/2 will become tapped, and all damage will be removed from it. It will be saved.

    Source(s): I am a qualified level 2 judge, and I have been playing Magic: The Gathering since Beta. I think my experience usually proves right, however, I can always be wrong.
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    If you regenerate it, it doesn't die. Regeneration saves it. the 3/3 is blocked.

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    I love magic and i think the regeneration still hapens but your creature will die.

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