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Inserting tampon?

Every time i try to insert a tampon i use mirrors and everything it stings and i cannot find the hole i have only had my period once but i really want to use tampons help!!


rubber mallet? ok... were you trying to be funny because it wasn't!

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    Rubber Mallet

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    First of all, read the directions.

    Here are some other tips:

    When you're going to insert a tampon, make sure you're wet. Try it when you just get out of the shower.

    You can lube up the tip of it too, to make it easier to slide in.

    The mirror is is a good idea to just get a feel of where the hole is, but don't use one while trying to insert it. You'll just get confused.

    Use a slim or junior tampon.

    Make sure you are relaxed. If your muscles are tense you won't be able to get it in.

    Try different positions like putting one foot up on the toilet or squatting.

    Aim the tampon toward your lower back, don't go straight up.

    RELAX. Again, this is super important.

    And practice makes perfect. So keep on trying.

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    I went through the very exact same thing!

    Okay this is what you need to do.

    Find the whole for in the mirror than once you have found the whole, find it without looking in the mirror.

    The reason it hurts so much is because you are dry down there. For a beginner, i recommend plastic tampons. The key to inserting a tampon is to be wet or moist down there. I know that sounds gross but its true. So, don't just put one in for practice if your not on your period. That is going to hurt. Wait until you are on your period so that your are wet or "bloody" down there.

    Good Luck and don't worry you'll get the hang of it.

    And congrats on being brave and wanting to use a tampon. not a pad.

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    If you're trying to insert a tampon when you don't have your period, it's not going to work -- it will be dry, and it will hurt.

    You should be able to find a good picture of female genitalia online. If you're using a mirror (good idea!) and you have your period, you should be able to find the vaginal opening. It may be easiest if you are sitting on the toilet or even if you are standing and put one foot on the toilet seat so that you are spreading the vaginal lips apart. If you continue to have a problem, you can try speaking with your doctor's nurse. I suspect that if you try again when you actually have your period, you'll be successful! Good luck.

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    You definitely need to be relaxed when trying to insert it. And you also need to be bleeding. Do not insert a tampon if you are dry and have not really begun to bleed... wait until your flow has begun. It will be MUCH easier then. Also, you might want to try smaller sizes to begin with (light, then regular, and if you need to, go to super).

    Try different positions. Sometimes it helps to stand up and bend your legs to a 90 degree angle. You can squat, or try it laying down on your back.

    It might take some getting used to, but you will get the hang of it :)

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    Ok honey, lol I had the same problem, just try to relax, find the right hole (You should know which one it is), Read the directions in the tampon box and just follow them, if you can't do it, ask your mom or just use pads for now, and later on, try tampons again.

    It shouldn't hurt, and if it dose, your doing it wrong, you shouldn't hardly be able to feel it.

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  • First of all there are so many people out there that are going through the same difficulty honey. First of all, look at your vagina in the mirror, become aware of everything that is down there. Lay down on the floor and breathe. Then try to insert it when you are CALM. When you aren't clam your muscles become strong and it won't allow the tampon to insert.

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    Mirrors might make you more self conscious so try not to use them. I don't know what other way to tell you but try to find the hole. Just relax and don't pressure yourslef into using them. Since it was you first time you should use pads for at least another month or two so your "body" can get used to the fact your having you period. Jut chill and take it slow =]

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    Try OB method as they don't use an applicator; those can cause pain. Also, if you are a virgin that is probably part of the problem. After you're more familiar with your body, you'll find using tampons easier.

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    i totally had that problem. first of all you shud not use it till u have had ur period at least two or three times. its the hole closest to ur butt hole. u may feel like ur pushing it in too far but it goes pretty far. if ur still having trouble ask a close friend or family member. also, make sure to wash ur hands b4 and after so u dont get an infection!!!!!

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