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american history?

Under Chief Justice Earl Warren, the Supreme Court made many decisions

A favoring civil rights for minorities.

Bstrengthening individual rights.

C aiding law enforcement and justice officials.

D establishing ethical banking policies.

Which Supreme Court case granted the accused the right to have a lawyer present during police investigations?

A Baker v. Carr

B Gideon v. Wainwright

C Escobedo v. Illinois

D Miranda v. Arizona

Which of the following does NOT describe John F. Kennedy?

A Democrat

B Roman Catholic

C Eisenhowers vice president

D impressive record of service during World War II

The United States and the Soviet Union came to the brink of nuclear war because of the

A Bay of Pigs.

B Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

C Cuban missile crisis.

D establishment of the Berlin Wall.

please help me. thank you.

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    Earl Warren favored Civil Rights (most famous for Brown V Board and Miranda)

    Miranda protects your rights to a lawyer (hence your Miranda Rights being read from a card when arrested)

    Richard Nixon was Eisenhower's VP.

    After the Bay of Pigs, Castro, fearing the US might try to invade Cuba again, obtained nuclear warheads from the USSR - thus starting the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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    for the JFK question, the answer is c. Richard Nixon was Eisenhowers Vice pres., not JFK

    Source(s): history major with minor in education
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    I believe the the 2nd question is D and the 4th question is either A or C, Im leaning towards C though

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