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How can I get curly hair like this? (link below)?

the girl with curly hair. You can see it better in the video.


I already have really curly hair... i just can't seem to get it to not be frizzy and shaped like that... it kinda sticks out and looks like the garnier fructis commercial girls before they use the products.. haha

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    Get a razor layered cut and then get a perm. If you already have curly hair, you need to use a lot of curl enhancing product and then use a flat iron or curling iron to get each piece in the right place.

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    getting hair salon products curl enhancing shampoos and conditioners could help get rid of the frizz and make it shine.

    i don't think u need a perm if you already have really curly hair.. maybe add some layers in ur hair.. to get rid of the bulkiness

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    Well you can always try a perm or a body wave. It's pretty damaging to your hair, but you just really have to take care of it. I got a body wave like four years ago and it still left little waves in my hair. I love it.

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    Perm, buts its really damaging you would hav to do a few deep conditioning treatameants.

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    u can get a perm..u use like a string razor or sumtin..idk

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