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Please help me understand what is AGP to PCE-e bridge chip.?

i found this information on the internet:

GeForce 7600 GS

On March 22, 2006, Nvidia announced the immediate availability of the GeForce 7600 GS GPU targeted at the low-mid end. This new GPU will officially assume the place of the GeForce 6600 GT which has been around for quite some time.

The AGP version was introduced in July 21, 2006. According to Nvidia, this card is identical to the PCI-e version other than the interface. In addition, the AGP version uses Nvidia's AGP-PCIe bridge chip.

I HAVE ONLY pci and AGP slots but NOT PCI-e slots. Is this video card compatible with my computer?

ALSO i have this chip:


VIA VT8237

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    The AGP-PCIe bridge chip alters the graphics card so it's compatible with AGP. The card was designed for PCI-e but they had to spec it down. You'll probably get at least 95% of the performance though, since that's a fairly weak card.

    Also consider the ATI 3850 AGP. It's pretty much the last great AGP card out there. I was debating between throwing that in my system or just building a new one.

    In essence: Yes the 7600GS (AGP) is compatible with your system.

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    I am assuming that it allows you to plug a PCI express video card into an AGP slot.

    Chances are it won't work that great, since you are going to be funneling a much more capable video card through a slot that isn't capable of handling the higher functions of the PCI-e card.

    Better to just pick up a mobo that has a PCI-e slot on it. In fact, by the time you wasted your money on a bridge chip then you might as well just upgrade.

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