Blu-Ray Internal Drive Suggestions?

Are there any blu-ray internal pc drives currently on the market that are also backwards compatible with old formats (cd, cd-r, dvd, dvd-rw, etc.) and can still burn a cd and/or dvd? If so, can you make a few product suggestions for me? All I have seen so far are players, but I want an internal drive, not an external player.

Also, what kind of connector would an internal blu-ray compatible drive use from drive to motherboard? I can't imagine it would be the same plug that regular dvd and cd have.

I'm looking to upgrade, since I watch movies on my pc and distributors like netflix are transitioning hard core to blu-ray (they claim that the films are only coming out on blu-ray anymore).



Don't tell me my fellow nerds don't know anything about Blu-ray.... wow.

1 Answer

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